Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finally Back At The Keyboard...

I must say that I feel totally refreshed after my 13 day vacation on Chincoteague and Assateague and the Eastern Shore.  I thought I'd start blogging immediately after my return, but I haven't really felt the need to do so.  I blog - or write - because I enjoy doing so.  I write for my own enjoyment, to share interesting experiences, to introduce new items of interest and new discoveries, to share information, and, sometimes, just to get thoughts and feelings off my chest and out of my mind.
    I had a stupendous time in Virginia and Maryland, and had a wonderful evening with my cousin, Maureen Beebe.  Spent great hours talking with cousin Karen Gaskins Quillen, and out on the water with Captain Barry Frishman, Captain Dan Davis, and Captain Dave Davis...  Went out for a long afternoon of flounder fishing with friends and caught a nice haul - had them broiled with lemon juice the first night, then deep-fried in a thin coating of hush-puppy batter...  Yum!  - Maureen, her daughters, and I closed down a bar one night, and then stayed in the parking lot talking for another hour, along with other friends.
    I worked up until 8 hours before I left for vacation, and began working again the day after I arrived home.  I down-loaded my camera photos and found that I had taken over 1500 shots in the 13 days I was gone...  I've divided them up into 11 photo albums, and have cropped and captioned the shots in 9 of them.  They are open to the public on Facebook...
    It's grey and dreary out today - it was 69 degrees at 6:15, when I left to tend the chickens, and it's 62 now.  Humidity is increasing, and it's been spitting rain off and on for over an hour.  Blech..
    Felling good about blogging again!  See you tomorrow!

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