Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Fall Weekend

Fall has definitely arrived, with breezy weather and the temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than they have been.  The weather forecasters said we'd have a high of 58 degrees (F) today and it would be grey and rainy.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, there's an occasional breeze and the forecast for today's high is 70 (in Boulder).  We had homemade Belgium waffles this morning for breakfast, as well as some turkey sausage - I had juice and Bea had her coffee.  I was surprised when I arrived home this morning at 7:10 and saw Beatrice out on the balcony - usually she sleeps until 8 o'clock, or so.  When I got upstairs, I asked why she was up, and she said that Lovey had been talking to her.  As she (Bea) drifted awake this morning, she thought there was a small child in the apartment that kept saying, "Hello?  ...  Hello?"  The voice got closer, and she looked down and realized that it was Lovey.  I had thought it would be Nedi, but no - it was the girl.
   Cooper had a wonderful time yesterday, chasing the planes that were flying overhead, along with the gliders.  I'm thankful that there wasn't a home football game, or the whole neighborhood would have wanted me to keep him inside.  But he has a good time chasing the planes and barking - and doesn't run into the wooden fence too often.  Lola, the other dog, just sits and watches him act the fool.  Pounce has been having a fantastic time stretched out along my legs while I'm reading, or watching television.  Tipsi has been busy hunting - he's brought me six snakes in two days, along with one bunny, and a partially mashed frog (it looked like a bicycle had run over both hind legs).  I turned everything loose again, except the frog, which was too badly damaged to survive.
   The Gators started out well against the Tennessee Volunteers, but couldn't hold onto the lead yesterday, so the Vols beat the Gators for the first time in 11 games.  Mizzou had a huge blowout, and at the half, the teams agreed to play two ten-minute quarters to end the game.  South Carolina lost to the Kentucky Wildcats.  And, much to everyone's surprise, including my own, the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Oregon Ducks in an away game....   We'll have to see what happens with the Denver Broncos today....

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