Wednesday, September 21, 2016

International Day of Peace ... Today

And so, the United States ushers in the International Day of Peace by killing an unarmed African American male who was sitting in a car, reading a book, in a case of mistaken identity in Charlotte, North Carolina.  What an outrage!
   The person, or persons, who killed JonBenet Ramsey (here, in Boulder, Colorado, 20 years ago) have never been caught, charged, nor prosecuted - even though a Grand Jury found a "True Bill" for prosecution.
    The man who tried to assassinate President Reagan is free after serving his prison sentence.
    Carnage is still occurring throughout the world - in almost every country, on almost all of the continents.
    Citizens hate other citizens because of: their religion; the way they dress; what they eat, or don't eat; what their work ethic is, or isn't; what they have, or don't have; whom they support, or don't support; whether they do, or don't, own guns; how they pray; whether they stand, or do not stand, for the national anthem of their country; whether they give to a certain charity, or another; this list is just a horrendous continuation of unimaginable proportions....

    Why cannot the world concede that each and every living being is unique, and that it is our differences that make us a whole?

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