Friday, September 16, 2016

Packages and Apples

I finished re-reading Visitor last night, and now have to wait until May for the next book in the series,  Convergence.  And, yesterday, we received three packages that we had ordered; new cooking assists - a couple of new frying pans, ceramic knives, silicon muffin cups, and some microwave gadgets;  I got my copies of The Rain Wild Chronicles; and we received the audio book version of Ship of Magic, the first of the Liveship trilogy....  Enough to keep us busy for a small time.   
   Once again sitting in the office at Lynn's with Lyra and Tess - Lyra's cat tree is positioned so she gets the first sunlight on the top perch, and that's where she is.   Tess is grooming herself behind my chair.  The housekeeper is due this morning, so I can go home and visit my kits, and make my Facebook postings.  Then I'll walk Rosie, and be back here at the house for the rest of the day - other  than going over to Donn's house and checking his mail and package deliveries.   I had to pick up a piece of certified mail for him yesterday - boy, procedures have changed since I last received, or picked up, a certified item...
   Our apples are starting to tumble from the trees - this neighborhood was originally an apple orchard, and every lot has at least two apple trees, if not five or six of them.  The squirrels and deers have been munching away, and very shortly, it'll be time for the bears to arrive and finish the harvesting.  That's when I have to be careful that I don't do what I did last year - turn a corner around the house and come face-to-face with a black bear.  I froze.  The bear turned and ran.  Before I got back around the corner of the house, the bear climbed the wooden gate and took off....   Lucky me.
   We will try to drive across Trail Ridge Road this weekend - the better weather will be on Sunday, so we'll probably do it then.  Hopefully it hasn't snowed enough to close the road and mountain passes; and I'd like to stop in the bakery at Grand Lake again, just to purchase a few croissants.  There is an Arts and Crafts festival on the Pearl Street Mall, and we might brave the crowds for a short time on Saturday.

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