Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pets, Vikings, Photos

It's another cool morning - 45 degrees when I was walking Tess this morning.  The sun is now up and shining, the first time since Sunday, and I am very happy to see it's glow through the trees in the back yard.  Tess is asleep on the floor behind me, having had her walk and breakfast; Lyra is in the cat tree, and I'm pretty sure that Lily is on the bed upstairs (that's her usual spot after breakfast).  They've lost three more carp, or koi, since I was last here.  Pinto, Lumpy, and Red One have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  That leaves only Red Two, Shadow and Goldy, out of 18 fish three years ago....  I know that Lynn puts them into the garden soil, but I always wonder why they died....
    I have now seen 9 of the latest 10 episodes of Vikings, and just read that the series will return on November 30 and show on Wednesday nights until the break before season 5.  Writer-historian Michael Hirst's take on the old Norse eddas that follow and/or mention Ragnar Lothbrok are wonderfully imagined and envisioned on the small screen.  Season 5 (and hopefully, 6 and 7) will be incredibly interesting with the continuing exploits of Bjorn Ironsides, and Ragnar's four younger sons, who will become the scourge of Europe.  I'm also looking forward to see Hirst's vision of Alfred the Confessor  (Ooops.  Alfred the Great is correct, VL G, not Alfred the Confessor.  Thanks!!), who was blessed by the Pope, in episode 9.  And, of course, Rollo, Ragnar's brother, is the direct male ancestor of William the Conqueror, also known as William the Bastard, who became King of England in 1066....  I just love history!
   I'm currently labeling photos from the 2016 Pony Penning for Lynn, as she missed our vacation together, due to a death in her family.  I have about 30 photos that definitely contain Surfer Princess, the filly I purchased with Lynn's money last year, and I have about 300 other photos of Pony Penning, Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, and the waters that surround them, and wildlife - both marine and terrestrial.  I managed to get about 50 labeled yesterday evening, and I'm going to work on the labeling until I go walk Rosie this morning.  And you have no idea how happy I am that I already have everything labeled and stored on my PC - that means just matching photos and copying the existing caption - I don't have to look up each pony in each picture, again!
   Beatrice and I are hoping to take our friend Melissa, from Atlanta, over Trail Ridge Road this weekend - hoping we can get across before it closes for the winter.  I'll be taking more photos - especially since I know there is plenty of snow on Pikes Peak (100 miles south of us), already!

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