Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rosie and Critters

Hopefully I can get back into the habit of blogging every day...  This past three-day weekend was very relaxing, and the cats let me sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday I walked one dog and stopped by my sister's house to drop off photos from my vacation, and we ended up sitting and chatting for more than 3 hours.  It was wonderful.  Today we have heavily overcast skies, but there is a slight bit of sunshine to the east.  Bertrando is on top of his telephone pole, with a slice of apple, trying to pull in some warmth.  The raven family hasn't visited the restaurant dumpster next door yet, which is pretty unusual for them.  They are usually here eating and partying from sun up until 9 or so.  Lovey is curled up in my bed, and Nedi is asleep in the living room cat tree.
    I feel so much for Rosie and her family.  Rosie is an Irish Setter, and is well over 14 years old now.  She eats well, is very alert when not sleeping, and is doing well physically, except for her hind-end. Her vision and hearing are not what they were, but her nose misses nothing. The vet says she has no feeling at all in her right hind leg, and has only partial feeling in the left hind.  Her hind legs have lost their muscle tone.  She can get up from sitting or lying with a little effort.  And she has no problem walking, trotting, or even making short runs on the ground or floors.  Stairs and steps are her downfalls - literally.  Her rear end collapses and she slides, with her back legs knocking her front legs out from under her.  Then she looks extremely embarrassed and woeful, as only an older dog can...  Rosie gets acupuncture every two weeks, as well as laser joint treatments.  She has developed a thyroid problem, and takes one pill a day for it.  And she's gotten very finicky as she age progresses.  At the moment, her favorite edibles are meatballs from Lucky's Market...  She'll do almost anything for a Lucky's meatball.....   Rosie's young man just had his 21st birthday, and he was reluctant to go back to his senior year of college.  We all are really hoping that she'll be here when he returns for winter break.  She is such a good and loving dog.  I dread the day she will cross the Rainbow Bridge.
    I start taking care of  Charlie, Tinkerbell, and 7 hens today.  Charlie is part pug and gosh-only-knows what else... she is bouncy and full of energy.  Tinkerbell is the very aloof cat; so aloof the housekeeper didn't know she was living in the house, and was very frightened by her appearance one day.  And the hens are out in the rear third of the acre back yard.  I just hope that Blanca will want to come inside the next few evenings!

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