Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend, Catnip, and a Client

I did some small grocery shopping over the weekend, checked the mail, and sat out on the balcony for several hours each day, and otherwise avoided people, other than Beatrice and a few phone calls I had to take.  Bea was feeling her cabin-fever itch and went out daily to window shop and just wander around different areas of town.  I stayed at home, cuddled with the cats and read and read and read.  It was wonderful for me.
   I did have to laugh about the phone calls, however.  I checked my work calendar for next week (now this week) on Friday, and saw I was scheduled at a house for 5 nights and six days.  I also knew that one of the client's adult children was at home, so I called to ask if my services were still required.  I was told, no, that the daughter would care for the house and critters while the client was away.  On Saturday, the client called and said the daughter was going to Aspen for the weekend, and could I cover caring for the house from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.  I told her, sure, no problem.  Last night, I received another call from the client - could I possibly cover the originally planned 5 nights and 6 days?  The daughter is currently house-sitting for someone else, and thought she could take her new puppy and older dog into another household that already has two large adult dogs and a new puppy in residence.  The daughter's job ends on Friday, when she plans on leaving for Aspen - and, oh, by the way, I'll have the daughter's puppy and dog at the client's home over the weekend....I sometimes feel like such a fool.  But this person is a very good client, and I've worked for her for over 8 years now, so I acquiesced.
   Last night, I opened the catnip jar.  The kits are still slightly high.  I pull out the dried catnip and roll it between my fingers to make very small particles before I place it on the nip rug.  Both Lovey and Nedi eat the catnip, and they both acted as if they were starving.  Then I pulled out one of their fuzzy, rattly toys that had been in the jar for a month.  Nedi was in ecstasy over that gift.  I put two other older toys back into the jar and resealed it.  This morning, all visible traces of catnip have disappeared from the rug, and the toy has been making odd appearances in strange places since I arose.  It seems I made them happy.

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