Wednesday, October 19, 2016

America, the Nation, Lost the Third Presidential Debate

I feel hollow.  I watched the third Presidential debate televised live from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, as I watched both previous debates, and as I watched the Vice Presidential debate.  A large bit of the debate covered subjects that are normally discussed during elections - the Justice system, American workers, abortion, immigration, and personal fitness for the Office of President.  Then came a moment when the moderator asked Donald Trump if he would accept the results of the election on 8 November, as his running-mate Mike Pence, and his daughter Ivanka, had stated.  Donald J Trump said that he would decide when the election was over whether he would accept the results or not.  "I'll keep you in suspense," he said.  That's when the United States of America lost the debate.  Hillary Clinton stated that was a "horrifying" stand that she was appalled.   I felt the same way.
   Yes, we had a contested Presidential election in 2000, the "Case of the Hanging Chads" from Florida.  Al Gore did not believe he had lost to George W Bush, as the votes were extremely close, and the case went to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court decided in favor of Bush, Gore stated he had lost, and that was the end of it.  What if the votes are not close, and Hillary Clinton beats Trump by a landslide?  What if they are close? Will Trump contest the results all the way to the Supreme Court?  If the Court decides against Trump, will Trump continue to claim that "the whole system is rigged?"  - Of course he will....
   In our 240 year history of electing Presidents, no one else has insisted (since well before the Conventions met, and chose their candidates) that the entire electoral system "is rigged."
   Trump scares me to death.  He has denied statements that he has made on audio and visual recordings; he denies knowing people; he denies anything that might mar his knight-in-shining-armor suit of mail; he lies and lies and lies, straight-faced.  This man is reprehensible.  He is repulsive.  He is deplorable.  He is disgusting.  He is, seemingly, a paranoid demi-god who believes that he should be King of the world.
   Pat Robertson, the preacher, says that he has seen "Donald Trump sitting at the right hand of the Lord."  Right - at the right hand of Sauron, the Lord of the Rings!

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