Saturday, October 15, 2016

Americans, Please Vote in This Presidential Election!

Yes, I am a registered Democrat.  No, I positively do not want Donald Trump to win the Presidency in this election.  But I wish that every American who is able to cast a vote will do so.  Don't know if you're registered to vote?   Call your city, county, or state elections board.  You can also check on-line to see if you are currently on the voting rolls.  If you're not currently registered, most citizens have time to do so, before 8 November...  Check it out, and make sure your address is current, and that you are registered as an Independent, Democrat, or Republican.  Sign up, if not.
   Men, women and children have paid with their lives to make certain that Americans have the right to choose their leaders by open elections.  The earliest I can trace my family in what is now the United States is from one of the Mayflower members; and another part of the family arrived in the early 1630s in the state of Virginia.  My ancestors were some of the original settlers from England - some free, some bond servants; and, in a few generations, numbers of them were fighting the Native American tribes, but a few men married a local Native.  I am proud to be an American.
    People in my family have fought in every war that the American colonists, and then, American citizens, have participated in.  And the main reason for each fight was for freedom.  Freedom to elect our own representatives to tell the leaders of our country what we, the people, wanted.  That is why our governmental system was set up with a series of checks and balances - so that our government is fair.
    I am afraid that there will be an extremely low number of American citizens voting in this election.  I am afraid that a low number of voters will affect the outcome of this current election.  Besides the Presidential election next month, the vote will affect seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives; here, in Colorado, we have more than 30 items to vote on - city, county, and state laws; the appointment of Judges; and not only election of a new President, but representatives in a our state government, the local school board, city and county council members...
    Again, yes, I'm a liberal Democrat - but please register to vote, and then vote in this election for the candidate of your choice.

     If you are an American, VOTE in this election.   Tuesday, 8 November 2016

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