Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Books and Dreams

Went on a book buying binge yesterday - ordered four new (to me) Elizabeth Moon books regarding her Eight Kingdoms world, purchased  the new Preston and Child Pendergast novel The Obsidian Chamber, an atlas regarding Native Americans and their cultures, a copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and couple of adult coloring books - one of animals and one about dreams.
    I've had peculiar dreams the last few nights - the first was that I had to put real silk stockings upon the hind legs of a gigantic grasshopper.  Her hind legs, in the resting position were taller than I am (five feet one inch); the greens, yellows and black-to-purple colorations were bright and shiny; and I was totally frustrated by the short spikes and spines that projected from her legs near the joints.  I know I tried to place more than 100 stockings on the leg nearest me, and each was shredded by the way her legs were built.
    The next dream was that I was trying to place laced-up shoes on the feet of a centipede - and that it couldn't keep it's feet still, and kept stepping out of the shoes before I got them tied....  I wonder what my sub conscious is trying to tell me - what am I frustrated about that I don't realize?
   Halfway through Boar Island by Nevada Barr; then have Winter's Child by Margaret Coel to read.  I had also ordered two very intriguing books from the History Club, and the USPS claims they dropped the package off at 5:01 pm on 8 October.  Bea and I were home that afternoon and I went out at 7 that evening - never saw the package.  Maybe I'm frustrated about that?

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