Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chincoteague Pony Fall Round-Up

The Fall Round-Up took place April 7 and 8, Friday and Saturday.
All ponies returned to Assateague (fall pick-up mares), and most of the 2015 Buy Backs were turned into the north areas, as grazing is limited south.
We lost Cloudburst to a nasty wound infection, despite 3 weeks of intensive care; her new foal is being taken care of at the UP foal NICU.  And 20-year-old stallion Wild Bill looks to be in very poor condition; he might not survive the winter.
CLG Wild Star and dam Black Star

Chief and Wild Thing clash in the corral

Lorna Dune and Shy Anne

CLG Surfer's Blue Moon

Wild Thing, Galadriel, and her (late born) foal

A few '15 Buy Backs - Blue, Angel, Princess, Sunshine, Beach Bunny, Gingersnap

Hoppy and Wild Thing

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