Thursday, October 20, 2016

Colorado Presidential Ballot

Wow.  I knew that several other parties had candidates for the Presidency of the United States, but I was surprised when I opened my ballot yesterday and found that I was given a choice of twenty-two pairs of candidates for the office, as well as the write-in blank for a twenty-third choice.  These are the folks, and their parties, who made it onto the Colorado Presidential and Vice-Presidential Ballot:

1.    Donald J Trump and Michael Pence             Republican
2.    Hillary Clinton and Timothy Kaine              Democratic
3.    Darrell L Castle and Scott N Bradley           American Constitution
4.    Gary Johnson and Bill Weld                         Libertarian
5.    Jill Stein and Amaju Baraka                         Green
6.    Frank Atwood and Blake Huber                   Approval Voting
7.    "Rocky" Rocque de la Fuente  and Michael Steinberg     American Delta
8.    James Hedges and Bill Bayes                       Prohibition
9.    Tom Hoefling and Steve Shuling                  America's
10.  Chris Keniston and Deacon Taylor               Veterans of America
11.  Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart               Socialist Workers
12.  Kyle Kenley Kopitke and Nathan R Sorenson       Independent American
13.  Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer       Kotlikoff for President
14.  Gloria Estela la Riva  and Dennis J Banks    Socialism and Liberation
15.  Bradford Lyttle and Hannah Walsh               Nonviolent Resistance/Pacifist
16.  Joseph Allen Maldonado  and Douglas K Terranova      Independent People
17.  Michael A Maturen and Juan Munoz            American Solidarity
18.  Rod Silva and Richard C Silva                      Nutrition
19.  Emidio Soltysik and Angela Nicole Walker   Socialist USA
20.  Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson             Unaffiliated
21.  Ryan Alan Scott and Bruce Kendall Barnard      Unaffiliated
22.  Mike Smith and Daniel White                        Unaffiliated
23.  Write-In   ___________________________

And then there are 39 other items on which to vote....

Believe me, I have already completed my ballot, and will turn it in tomorrow!

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