Monday, October 3, 2016

Critters and Rosie

I wish I could take a really good photo of the new moon and evening star hanging over Mount Sanitas right now...  The sky is shades of blue with the black silhouette of the mountain below it, and a few small puffy grey clouds just above the ridge.  It's gorgeous.
   Our temperature got up to 78 degrees this afternoon, but a slight breeze that began at 11 this morning turned into a good wind this afternoon.  It blew all of our balcony furniture over, and one of the glass pendants on one of the wind chimes was broken while beating against the balcony railing.  It was so gusty outside that Nedi went outside, but stayed for less than 60 seconds before heading back in.  The weather this morning was fantastic - wore shorts and a T shirt while out walking Rosie  - and was extremely comfortable.  The cottontail rabbits were chasing each other in weaving patterns from one side of the street to the other, and back again.  I saw more than two dozen of the little critters this morning on my way to Rosie's house from the bus stop.
  Once Rosie and I arrived in my sister's acre-sized back yard we saw even more rabbits, and frightened a young buck away from the apple tree closest to the patio.  There were a few butterflies in the yard, and lots of small birds and squirrels darting about.  Abruptly all the small birds fell silent, as a jay started a warning call.  The squirrels flattened against the tree trunks.  Suddenly there was a great deal of crashing sounds in the top of one of the cottonwoods - I looked up to see a pair of red tailed hawks "playing" in the tree tops and over the back yard.  It was such fun to watch!  One hawk landed on the smallest, top-most branch of one of the fir trees.  The hawk was so large, and the twig so small, that the hawk had to keep adjusting its wings to the bobbing motion of the branch.  And, it seemed to me, that as that bird was concentrating on keeping its balance, the second one deliberately flew into it, chest to chest.  The bird on the branch fell backwards and had to do a loop-the-loop to get securely upright in the air.  It seemed as if I was watching two brother fledglings trying to out-perform the other.  After a 30 minute acrobatic air performance, they left the area, as a flock of magpies came in, screeching and clucking.  The magpies "talked" in low murmurs most of the time, and the other small birds returned to the area.  A few minutes later, the squirrels were all out, chattering to each other...  It seemed magical.  By that time, Rosie was ready to go have her brunch, so we headed back to her house for her meatballs and chicken breast.

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