Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fourth Reich in Boulder County, Colorado

I read a news story in our local newspaper last night that upset me greatly.  It was in the local, Boulder, Colorado, newspaper;  this afternoon, I saw it in the Denver Post, three other local newspapers, and in the London Daily News.  Boulder is supposed to be extremely liberal and open minded.  Because of this, I was shocked at what I read.
  A teen-aged high school student committed suicide on 21 September of this year.  His final letter to his parents and friends stated that he was taking his own life "to show his allegiance to the Nazi party and the killing of Jewish people."  This young man was the group leader of 15 other members on a Facebook page titled "4th Reich's Official Group Chat."  He was known, on the Facebook page, as "the Fuhrer."
   This was a group of sixteen students attending schools in Boulder County, Colorado.  At least five students have been expelled from schools for their participation in this "chat group."  The young man who killed himself was a student at Boulder Preparatory Charter School; other students were from Boulder High School, Centaurus High in Lafayette, Monarch High in Louisville, Pomona High in Arvada, and Colorado Mountain College.
   Most of the comments on the page were about killing, hanging, and torturing Jewish people and African-Americans, whom they referred to with the n-word.  One of the posts stated that others should "hang them in the trees, and shoot them in the knees; take your time and kill them as you please."
   When investigators spoke with the young man who claimed to be the second-in-command, behind the Fuhrer, on the Facebook page, he said that they were all "misunderstood.  It was all meant as a joke."  Police and investigators released the report on this "happening" yesterday, 11 October.  As all of the members on the Facebook page are aged 17 and younger, none of their names were released.
   I suppose that with the emergence of Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate, I should not be totally surprised to find a young nest of  Neo-Nazis in Boulder.
   I am growing more afraid, day by day, about the direction my country is moving in.

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