Friday, October 21, 2016

Grocery Store Chaos

Ahhhhh, a quiet Friday evening at home.   I did all of my usual Friday activities, working, feeding and watering, cleaning litter boxes, picking up dog poop and trash wherever I found it, grocery shopping, washing laundry and kitchen utensils and items used during the day.  I took out the trash, too out the recycling, and took out the compost.  I had my evening dose of Jeopardy! on the television.  I checked the mail and fed the squirrels.  The one thing I didn't do was feed the birds.
    I'm starting to become perturbed with the local grocery store, where I do the majority of my shopping.  It opened when I moved to Boulder, back in 2004.  The company has "revitalized" it several times.  In August and September, they completely refurbished the interior, including the flooring.  They had a "Grand Re-Opening" in September.  Here we are, three weeks into October, and they are still changing their stock and layout.  I looked in the three places the butter has recently been kept, and didn't find it, until I was looking for fresh meat...  And they have stopped stocking 18 items that they used to carry, and that I purchased twice a month.  They have reduced the shelf space for many items, and are proudly proclaiming that they now carry 5,000 new items.  I've looked at many of the new items, and they are items that I never have, and never will, purchase.  It's ludicrous.  
   The reason I haven't, and didn't, feed the birds is because the store is not keeping it's "Bulk Food Bins" full.  I purchase shelled sunflower seeds from the bulk area - $1.49 for one pound - since it costs $2.09 per pound at the bird center and other pet shops.  They have not had the shelled sunflower seeds in stock for more than three weeks now.  The bin is sitting there, with the label on it, but it is empty - and I usually buy 6 pounds of the seeds each week....  What is going on?
    I have to visit one specific store to purchase my cereal, so I usually buy three or four boxes at a time.  The third store I usually shop at carries the only fruit juice that i can drink - but with the disappearance of items from the main store, I guess I be buying those items at the third shop, now.
    Other than two hours spent with Rosie, the Irish Setter, tomorrow night, I have no plans at all for this weekend.  I will read my new books, and finish up a large drawing of seven birds on tree branches that I began a few weeks ago.  The cats are asleep on my bed, and I have a few more things to do before I withdraw into the world of Special Agent A. X. L. Pendergast for the night....

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