Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vice-Presidential Talk-Over Debate

Both Vice-Presidential candidates talked over each other, and the moderator, tonight.  I think they interrupted each other about the same amount of times.  And it seemed, to me, that Senator Kaine became silent more times than Governor Pence, at the chiding of the moderator.  So the Democratic nominee, Senator (and former Governor) of Virginia Tim Kaine sat at a round table with Republican nominee Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, along with the moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News.  I think that Ms. Quijano did as good a job as could be expected - and she did assert her control a few times, getting the two men back to the original question asked, and in changing questions.  However, I think that Trump, himself, would have crushed her like a steam roller.
  Once again, I wished there was someone in control of the audio board - a person who would keep microphones turned off when an opponent was speaking, and someone who could turn the microphone off when a speaker went over the designated time, or digressed from the subject of the question.  There are rules of debate - even though most politicians tend to forget them.  And the politicians and their respective parties agree to certain rules, which they then flagrantly break.
   I am now looking forward to seeing the Sunday debate, once again between Clinton and Trump - and hosted by Anderson Cooper...

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