Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ancient Genealogy

I need to check records to see if the family branch genealogy I just followed is actually recorded somewhere, or if someone just copied down oral traditions and guessed at other things, such as dates and places.  It will be interesting to check - and I will check.
   I laughed last night, as I was following a blood line back, and found that a man had lived from 310 to 390, and that his supposed wife, who had bourne him eight recognized children, was born in 130 and died in 278. - So the wife lived for 148 years, but died 33 years before her husband was born, and managed to provide him with 8 living children more than 55 years after her death. - I thought, at first, that the wife's birth and death years were miscopied - but NO - her father was supposedly born in the year 95 AD.  I scrubbed that line back for two generations and made a note to do careful research...  I know we're an odd family, but necrophilia and giving birth after death is not a known habit.
   I am currently awaiting the housecleaners arrival at Rosie's.  They normally come around 11, but Nancy asked them to do the house first today, since I'm an early riser.  The leader and supervisor of the cleaning squad was given my number, and told to call me to agree on the time.  My phone has yet to ring, and it's 8:57 - Nancy asked them to come over at 9...  I have the dishwasher running, and Rosie had an accident early this morning, so her bedding is in the washing machine.  All other traces of her boo-boo are tied up in a plastic bag in the trash outside.  The cleaners are to clean the atrium/TV room first, then Rosie and I will stay in there, while they clean the rest of the house.  I need to tell them not to clean under the Christmas tree, nor inside the railroad tracks in the den.
    I've taken care of the Jack Russells - fed, medicated and walked - and the hens and Victor and Xena - released, fed and walked - plus running home to feed my kits and clean their potties.  Rosie and I have had breakfast, and she has been outside three times this morning.
I am so sorry about the death of Carrie Fisher on Tuesday, and then the passing of her mother, Debbie Reynolds on Wednesday.  They were very close, and both became "over-night stars" at the age of 19. They both had great talent and meaningful lives.  Both of these great ladies will be missed.

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