Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve in Colorado

It was dark and cold - 18 degrees (F) - when I got up and started my daily rounds this morning.  My kits were not happy that the alarm went off earlier than usual, and while I was preparing to leave, Nedi was winding up into his loudest rendition of the feline Hallelujah chorus.  Giving him a "special treat" for breakfast convinced him to be much more quiet, but I understand that he gave Beatrice a rousing vocal at 7 o'clock.
   Victor and Xena were happy to see a little earlier than usual, and scampered out into the back yard like the big kids they are...  It was still not yet full day, and the chickens decided not to leave the coop, so I had to go in and count nebs.  I had put out fresh, warm water for them, and given them cracked corn and some fresh garbanzo beans.  Then I gave the dogs their morning treats, and headed over to the Jack Russells'.
   Nicodemus is a smaller, tri-color Jack, who recently lost an eye to an infection we couldn't get rid of.  He was almost completely blind with cataracts at the age of 2, and he had surgery to remove those.  He was fine for 5 years, but something scratched the lens of his eye while out playing at Coot Lake, and it just would not clear up, or heal up.  The vet finally removed the eye two months ago.  Emmitt is a larger, almost all white, Jack with a few tan spots on his ear.  He's a rescue dog, having been kept in a cage in a basement for the first 5 years of his life.  He didn't know what grass was, and it took several years for him to get used to all the sights and sounds he encounters in the house and outdoors.  He's an extremely vigilant house protector, and barks at anything that moves in the yard or on the street.  Thank goodness they live on a small cu-de-sac!
   This evening I'll go visit Seek, a Spangled Bengal cat, and give her supper, love, and some playtime and grooming.  Her Mom will return late Sunday night, so I'll make three visits, in all, to see her.  She has a beautiful copper-colored coat with black swirls and dots - and huge green eyes...  She's a sweetheart.
   And, of course, I'll spend cuddle time with Lovey and Nedi today, too. - I've finished my Christmas shopping, and just picked up a gift from Rosie's parents/owners from Mike's Camera.  I couldn't believe how wonderful and generous these folks are - They bought me a complete package of the Canon Rebel EOS T6, with the regular and the zoom lens, care and protective items, and $300 worth of coupons for free photos, classes, and all sorts of things...  
    For all of you who are my friends, I am very blessed to know all of you...
  May Christmas bring you peace, joy, and great happiness!

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