Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cold Colorado and Critters

I know that I have a strange brain, and that my thoughts leap from flash-point to flash-point, seemingly with no coherent reason.  This morning, I took Rosie out for her potty break after sleeping the night away, as usual.  The temperature was below freezing, and Rosie had to empty her bladder.  It's pretty stupid, but I was amazed to watch the steam rise...   I guess I'm still keeping my brain trained to remember winter in Florida and northern Virginia.  I actually laughed aloud, which was very childish.  Anyway, it's just more proof that my mind doesn't work normally.
   It's 27 degrees outside at nearly 9 a.m., but the sun is shining brightly.  The raven family has been visiting the restaurant dumpster, and are having a good time ripping the plastic bags open and getting large pieces of food out.  Beatrice put out nuts for the squirrels last night, and Bertrando has been sunning on top of the telephone pole, while munching away on his breakfast.  So far, it doesn't look like any birds have been attracted to the suet and seed feeder, and the Niger seed (thistle) also looks like it hasn't been touched.  But the birds and the squirrels seem to be enjoying our offering of nuts, dried berries and hulled sunflower seeds in the large feeder.  Perhaps when the forecast arctic blast arrives Monday night, the critters will feel the need for suet - we try to fulfill all the critters' needs.
   I pulled the ivy and the honeysuckle inside on Thursday - the ivy seems happy whether it's inside or out, but the honeysuckle leaves had gone quite limp.  They are now filled out and standing proudly from the stems again; I guess they're both in for the season now.  And thank goodness I placed the honeysuckle pot on a wheeled base!  We seem to move it around several times each day, and it weighs about 70 pounds...
   We are finishing up our big grocery shopping spree today and tomorrow, and putting up our outside Christmas lights.  We'll probably get a tree between the tenth and fourteenth, which means a trip to the basement to get the Christmas decorations out.  But, then too, we need to take Nedi's scratching box down, so we'll have room to set up the tree...  It all works out in the end!

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