Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It IS Snowing

I stepped outside yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock to take out the recycling and to check the mail.  I was quite surprised to have two teeny-tiny snowflakes land on my glasses lens.  It came down small and fine, almost like powdered sugar, at first - in 3 hours, it was big fluffy flakes falling.  This morning, it's fine light flakes again.  The newspaper says we had 5.1 inches fall overnight - and, of course, it's still coming down.   - Right now, I'm looking at a red-shafted flicker eating mealyworm suet from the feeder in the backyard, at Lynn's house.
   Seeing how light, fluffy, and fine the snow looked, I took the broom downstairs to the Touareg - swept 95% of the snow off in just a couple of minutes.  A neighbor was trying to clear her car with her hands, so I loaned her the broom to get her going.  The car started right up, and, as I had pulled the wipers away from the windows, I had no problems with them being stuck.  Then again, it was so cold, there was no ice melt on the windows to worry about...   Supposed to get up to 20 degrees (F) today, with a low tonight of -3.  I'll be safe at home with my kits, when that occurs.
   I had no problems getting from the apartment to Lynn's house, but I had to laugh when I arrived: the garage door was stuck mid-way up and down.  Christine hadn't waited to be sure the door closed before exiting the driveway.  I had to get out of the car, stoop under the door, and use the re-set button inside to get it to close, and then re-open, so I could drive the Touareg inside.
   Lily met me at the laundry door, which was a surprise - but I guess she knew I was here to feed her. Opened the office door and Lyra, Cleo and Tessa popped out, in that order.  I put Cleo and Tess out while I fed the cats breakfast, and made the dog's breakfast.  "Made the dogs' breakfast" sounds funny, but Tess and Cleo both get assorted supplements added to their food.  After the car crash, Tessa's kidney function test was a bit abnormal, and she's never been a big water drinker, so the vet suggested giving her turkey or chicken broth to drink.  That's now mixed in her food, as well, and, of, course, Cleo has to have some, too.
   Currently, Tessa is asleep in the entryway; Cleo is asleep on the radiant-heat tile floor behind me; Lily is upstairs on the bed; and Lyra is snuggled up in her petal bed in the top of the cat tree, watching the snow fall and the birds visit the three feeders.
   My kits are home and have probably awakened Beatrice by now.  I gave them a treat for their breakfast and they ate almost all of it.  Nedi wanted to go out and play in the snow on the balcony, but I didn't open the door for him.  He was giving me a hugely pleading look, but no mews, when I left to come here....
   Supposed to stop snowing around noon (according to the weather folks) and then just keep getting colder.  We'll see.  I have a book to read, and can do genealogy work while I'm here.  I promised Christine I'd stay until she returned from her planned trip and a stop back in at work.  I won't be bored, with four critters, books, the internet, television, and the outside winter wonderland to keep me engaged!

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