Thursday, December 8, 2016

It'a a Little Chilly Out

Thankfully, there wan't any wind to speak of during our snow Tuesday night and Wednesday - and it isn't windy or breezy now - winds are "calm" and it's all of five degrees outside.  The sun is shining, and fog is developing on the roadways.  The big worry out driving today is unseen ice on the road...  I'm not going out, unless there's an emergency for one of my clients.  - I'm sitting here, in my desk chair, wearing slippers, sweatpants and a T-shirt.  And I'm warm enough that I've pulled my hair back into a ponytail so my neck won't sweat...   I'll put my boots on later and go out and sweep the balcony clean.
   Beatrice, my room-mate, just left with Mike.  They spent yesterday afternoon working on a Christmas surprise for Mike's wife Sarah, and they're hoping to get it finished today.  A week ago I introduced Lovey to Bea's new waterbed mattress, one that is "waveless."  Now, every morning at 9:30, Lovey goes and gets on Bea's bed, and follows the sunshine from the window across Bea's king size mattress.  She just luxuriates in the warmth and the sun.  When the sun is not shining, she whines and complains to both of us, as if we can turn the sun on for her...
   Nedi is working apace on his newest art project. He loves boxes.  Smaller ones, and crisp paper, he shreds with his teeth - but he loves to artfully claw and scratch large boxes.  The only large one we have inside is the one that Bea's old waterbed mattress is packed in.  We need to take it down into the basement storage area, but Nedi is having a delightful time clawing and scratching the upperreaches of the box.  He was actually swinging by his front paws, with hind feet and tail off the floor, yesterday morning.  It means we sweep the floor daily, and sometimes thrice; but it keeps the boy happy and he doesn't attack the furniture.
   We're supposed to warm up to 40 degrees tomorrow, so I'll be walking Rosie again.  I spent yesterday with Tessa, Cleo, Lily and Lyra - walked Tessa and Cleo for 45 minutes in the snow at 1 p.m. and then stayed inside as  much as possible.  I turned the dogs loose every 90 minutes to go run and play and use the bathroom in the snow, but I did not join them.  Even Lyra, who longs to escape the house, didn't try to go out...  She's a smart kitty!

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