Monday, December 19, 2016

Items Found in Genealogy Research

Henry de Audley, who was born in 1175, had two castles and an Abbey built during his life. Heleigh Castle was built near Madeley, Staffordshire on the hill pictured below.  It was completed in 1233 and stood until the end of the British Civil War.  It was held for King Charles I during the War,but was almost completely destroyed by  Cromwell supporters in the 1650s.
 The remains of the Red Castle (below) in Shropshire draw tourists.  The castle was completed in 1227.

A great-grandfather (many times over), 
Amaury of Montfort, Comte d'Evreux

Another great-grandfather, Guy "Le Rouge" de Montfort,
Comte de Montfort et Yvelines

Sketch of the city of Corbeil, France, from the early 1500s

Manuscript portrait of Mauger, Comte de Corbeil
(born circa 963, died 1040 in Corbeil)

Seal of Jean de Corbeil, born 1196

Maude, Countess of d'Evreux, born 1120

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