Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Old Family Names

I am always surprised by at least one name each time I'm visiting the United States Federal Census (no matter what year), or when reading wills and testaments  of family members.  The names I'm about to discuss, and in some cases, just list, are all persons who are related to me - and I hope that other relatives will not take this blog piece amiss...  I am just constantly amazed at by some names and some name combinations...  My favorite family names are still Hatevil Hall, Hepzibah Starbuck Hussey, and Eliphalet Pease.  A few others have joined the list, including an Uncle named Lazarus Whitehead Busey and an Uncle named Philadelphus Constantinople Smith.
    Back in the day, there was no real birth control, a lot of children died young due to disease, and most families needed a lot of children to work the farms.... So, just for fun, here are three sets of family children:
   James and Rebecca White Goodwin had the following children, who all lived to adulthood:
Antionet,      Bird,      Iverson,     Virginia,     Atlantic,     Pacific,     Illinoise,     Powhattan,   and   Pocohantas.
     Joel Owensby and Nancy Haskins Hood had the following children:
John Newton,     Mary Jane,     Tabitha Foster,     Manerva Caroline,     Norris Franklin,     Samuel Jackson,     William Washington,     Lafayette Jasper,     Sarah Elizabeth,     Joel Thomas,     David Crockett,     Lucinda L.,     James K. Polk,    and     Christopher Columbus.
     Samuel Wales and Catharine (Caty) Siegler Busey had the following children:
Matthew Wales,     Edith,     Jacob,     Mary,     Lazarus Whitehead,     Catherine,     Samuel Andrew Jackson,     John Harrison,     and     Singleton Wilson.
   Regarding Philadelphus Contantinople Smith:  the father's name was Ambrose Harline Smith, and he married Nancy Jane White.  They had eight children, whose names included Allen, William, John, and Mary.  Then Nancy died and Ambrose re-married within a year, to have a mother for his brood of kids.  The second wife's first son was given the name of Philadelphus Constantinople  -  I'm guessing she had great expectations of him...

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