Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Changed My Mind - Confederate Statues Should Be Removed!

Since this past Friday night, when the first assaults happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, I have had many discussions with a great many people of many different beliefs and ideologies from around the world.  And I have decided that my last blog was in error.
    I believe that statues dedicated to Confederate leaders, Generals and soldiers should be removed.  They stand for a lost cause of men who decided to support their states, and their way of life, rather than to support the Union of the United States of America.  These statues should either be donated to southern cemeteries, or they should be melted down and the metal used to help rebuild our country's infrastructure.
   I still believe that all Americans should be taught the reasons why the American Civil War was fought - which were mainly economics, but it was economics of the South, based upon slavery.  And slavery was, and is, intolerable - for anyone of any race, creed, or nationality.  
   Please forgive me for my stubbornness in not seeing the statuary of Confederate men as a form of praise for what they decided to stand for.  
   I was wrong.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Statues of Slave Owners

What would we destroy if we removed all statues of slave owners?
Here are a few that would vanish...

The Charioteer at Delphi


George Washington

Julius Augustus Caesar

Thomas Jefferson

Pharaoh Ramses II

Genghis Khan

History and Statuary

As a person who reads and studies history, and as a person who enjoys art and statuary, I am disturbed by the thought of destroying and/or removing statues due to history.  I tried to get started on this point last night, when writing about the protest and counter-protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.  But I decided I needed to write about the confrontation, and not what was, supposedly, the cause.  The purported reason for the Ku Klux Klan, and the "Unite the Right" groups congregation was to protest the removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee.  The Lee statue had been erected in 1923 in what was then named the Robert E Lee Park.  In the early 1970s, the name of the park was changed to Emancipation Park.
   The City of Charlottesville set up a committee several years ago to discuss the fate of what could be considered "divisional art," which included statues in the city.  The majority of members on this committee were African-American, and the committee had planned for them to be the majority, as it was decided those members could best decide what would be offensive to people who were black.  Two propositions were put forward for statues, plaques, and markers that might be deemed offensive to the black community: (1) to just remove the items that were deemed offensive and/or demeaning; or (2) to leave them in place with the viewpoints of several historians, both African-American and white, as to what the items represented, and explaining their parts in the history of this nation, and, particularly, in Virginia.  The committee voted to keep the statue of Robert E Lee; the elected City Council voted for it to be removed.  After the furor caused by the removal announcement, and the planned protest of yesterday; a judge granted an injunction that nothing should be done to, or with, the Lee statue until January 2018, when the City Council must, again, make a decision.
   Now, I am very definitely a white, or Caucasian, person.  I have very pale skin which freckles and burns.  I have light colored eyes.  I was born with red hair, which turned brown in my teens, and turned grey in my 20s.  My DNA results state that I am north European through and through.  I love history - but I was raised in the South and grounded in my Virginia roots.
   My friend for ten years, and room-mate for two years, is a woman of African-American descent.  He grandmother was a Louisiana Creole, and I have been able to trace parts of her family into the early 1800s, as slaves.  She has one DNA proven forebear, however, who was of French descent - and I have been able to trace that part of her family tree back to the late 1500s, to an area that is northwest France and southwest Switzerland.  I frequently ask her viewpoint on things - and especially regarding the removal of statues, in particular, this one of Robert E Lee in Charlottesville.
   This is one of the very few areas where Beatrice and I do not see eye to eye.  Of course, as far as I can trace back, my family has been free white people.  Beatrice's great-great-grandparents were all born into slavery in the southern United States.  Her father and Uncle served in the US military - her Uncle in the Army, and her father with the Tuskeegee Airmen.  My Aunt and Uncles served in the Army and the Navy.  She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado - me: Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Virginia again.
   Beatrice believes that any statues of anyone who served in the Army or Navy of the Confederate States of America; or those who served in it's Congress or Administration in any way, should be removed and destroyed.  She believes that any person who owned slaves should not be depicted as statuary, or in art.  I do not believe that these statues or the people they represent should be revered, but I think that their statutes should be left in place.  To document the past.  To show what can happen when a country believes that slavery should be allowed.  There should be interpretive areas with information and short films that tell who the people were, why they made the decisions that they made, and what happened because of those decisions.
......  If we destroyed all statues and paintings of people who owned slaves throughout history, millions of pieces of great works of art would be destroyed. Slavery has existed in one form or another since the beginning of humanity's history.  Pharaohs had slaves. Romans had slaves. Vikings had slaves.  Any people who were strong enough, or clever enough, to conquer another people had slaves.   ....
    History happened.  History is history. Bad decisions have been made throughout the world in every era and in every country.  (Heck, the current Administration in the USA is a fantastic example of bad decisions!)  I think we need to learn from the mistakes made in the past.  I think people should be taught about choices and what happens when decisions, especially bad ones, are made and acted upon.  I don't think we should tear down statues that people believe might be hurtful.  The statue might represent everything that a single person completely and totally hates and vilifies - but it should remain standing to remind others what awful things can proceed when a man makes an incorrect decision....

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Photos from Charlottesville, Virginia Protests

The Robert E Lee statue in Emancipation Park

Thomas Jefferson statue on the University of Virginia campus

Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia

KKK, militias, and white nationalists began to gather Friday

White supremacy march on UVa campus Friday night

Saturday morning gathering of Nazis

Counter-protest group grows Saturday morning

White supremacist drives car into counter-protesters, killing one,
injuring dozens

Aftermath of car attack

Charlottesville students and residents counter-protest

This small group of students Friday night were attacked withmace,
pepper spray and other chemicals 

Charlottesville, Virginia Protests

Charlottesville is an independent city in the county of Albemarle in the state of Virginia in the United States of America.  It is the commercial center of Albemarle County, and is home to the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson.  The city is rather small, and sits at the "gateway" to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River Valley.  It is 71 miles from the capital of Virginia, Richmond, and when Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe were the Governors of Virginia, they each commuted from their homes near Charlottesville.  Charlottesville was formed in the year 1762, and the city was named after Charlotte, the Queen Consort of King George III.
    I was born in Virginia, and even though my family moved around quite a bit, since my father was in the US Navy for 22 years, I always considered myself a Virginian.  My mother was born in Virginia, and I can trace her family ancestors in Virginia back to the late 1500s.  Dad's family, on the other hand, were farmers; first they stayed near the northeast coast, and then they spread inland until they reached the Indian Territories, the Cimarron Strip, of Oklahoma.  I am very proud to be from the Eastern Shore of Virginia - from the tidal islands in the Atlantic Ocean on the DelMarVa peninsula.  (DelMarVa?  It's a combination of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia - and we say that we are "Delmarvelous!" The land is east of the great Chesapeake Bay, and one of my favorite recent bumper-stickers read, "There is no intelligent life west of the Chesapeake" - and that was specifically aimed at Washington, D. C.)
    Today, I am shaken in my belief that being a Virginian is good.  I was raised to expect, accept, and love diversity in all things - people, beliefs, habits, and ways of life.  The one thing I was brought up to dislike, and disrespect, was prejudice against any one thing or person.  I was taught to learn as much as I could about my own differences from others, and to always respect their beliefs - unless their beliefs were damaging to other people.  Accept, learn, and grow, I was told.
    I also grew up in the Southern states of the US - Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.  I grew up with segregated schools, which my parents deplored - until 1970, when Florida schools were forced to integrate.  I had no problem with that - I had gone to mixed-race churches most of my life, and half of my friends, away from school, were African-American.  We lived on the poor white side of town... Big deal.  My high school class graduated 398 students -  150 were white, 5 were South American, and the rest were African-American.  I was, and am, proud to have been in the second graduating class from Eastside High School.  We had great teachers and a great curriculum.
   Back to Charlottesville, Virginia....  The latest Census results are 7 years old: the city itself had 43,475 residents living in 17,778 house holds, and with 7,518 designated families.  Of these residents, 69.1 % are white; 19.4 % are African-American; 6.4 % are Asian; 5.1 % are Hispanic; 3 % are of 2 or more mixed races; 0.3 % are Native American; and 1.8 % are "other" races.  This does not count students at the University of Virginia.  There are currently 16,736 undergraduate students enrolled at UVa, and 7,147 graduate students.
     Today there was death and destruction in Charlottesville.  Early this year, the City Council voted 3 to 2 to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee, a Virginian who commanded the Confederate States Army and who then retired to run the Virginia Military Institute, after the resounding loss of the Civil War in these United States. The Lee statue has stood for many years in what was originally named Lee Park.  The name was changed, some years ago, to Emancipation Park.  The removal is scheduled for this autumn.
     A couple of months back, a permit for a rally for today's date was approved.  The rally was for white nationalists to protest the removal of the Robert E Lee statue, and was called "Unite the Right."  They were joined by openly armed nationalist militias and the Ku Klux Klan today.  Last night, hundreds of nationalists marched through the University of Virginia campus, stopping at the foot of the Thomas Jefferson statue, chanting, "You will not replace us!"  More than 20 people were injured in scuffles during the night.  Last night and today, there were also a lot of anti-Jewish chants and baiting of people who looked Semitic.
   Today, while the Unite the Right groups were gathering at Emancipation Park, hundreds of counter protesters were peacefully marching less than 700 feet away.  A 20-year-old man named Alex Fields, from Ohio, drove his 2010 gray Dodge Challenger into the peacefully marching crowd at a high rate of speed.  He then put the car into reverse and proceeded to strike more people.  A 32-year-old woman was killed, 5 people are in critical condition, and another 15 are being treated for injuries caused by the motorist. (Who was captured and arrested.) Another 20 people have been injured in clashes between the two groups.
    The rally at Emancipation Park was scheduled to start at 12 noon.  At 11:40, the Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia declared a State of Emergency, and told everyone to go home.  An injunction against the rally had been signed by a judge at 10 a.m., following the night before's damages and fighting.
    Two hours later, a Bell helicopter crashed with two Virginia State Troopers aboard.  Both were killed.  So a peaceful rally for "Unite the Right" ended with 3 deaths, 5 people in critical condition, and more than 60 other injuries.
   And what did that pompous orange-faced bleach-blond Pricktator say?  That he condemns "the hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides" in Charlottesville.   The man is a moron who delights in stirring up trouble - and his pals Steve Bannon, David Duke, and Richard Spencer, a white nationalist leader, help him do it.  -  Where was darling Jared Kushner during all of this?    This administration is totally rotten throughout.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Various Photos

Virginia trumpet vine

Tessa, one of my clients

Storm front

Northern gannets

Apple Valley Bridge across the Big Thompson River

A couple of puppy clients

Abert's squirrel in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bits & Pieces

Haven't been blogging because my depression has had a huge upswing - the tear duct in my right eye is infected, and my very nasty recurrent case of shingles is back, making every moment painful.  But enough griping.  The world continues to turn no matter my personal condition.
   My cats are here, loving me to pieces.  It's an overcast, rainy day here in Boulder, with an expected high temperature of 66.  Our usual high on 7 August is 93 degrees.  I have on a pair of sweatpants instead of my usual shorts. A fine mist of rain is falling and visibility is limited to about 600 feet.
   In need of laughter, I have been watching news clips and YouTube videos...  not to mention listening and watching the Randy Rainbow musical videos.  (He is a fantastic singer, and his videos are such a hoot!)  A few of my favorite videos have included a fawn and a rabbit playing together in a suburban yard; the rescue of a foal who tumbled into a huge ant bed; the Muppets performing Bohemian Rhapsody; and a trio of pathetic mental incompetents.  Unfortunately, all three of the people are female.  One video shows a woman who believes that drinking a bottled water branded "Smart Water" will actually raise her IQ level.  The second video is of a woman who is asked how many slices she wants her large pizza cut in.  She firmly states 8; when asked if she'd prefer 12, she insists on 8.  Asked why 8, and not 12, she says because she can eat 8 slices, but not 12.  Hunh?!?  The third video just shows a deer crossing sign - but the audio is from a radio call-in show, in which a female driver (who has hit three deer crossing the road with her car) is complaining that the deer and other wildlife crossings need to be moved off of main roads and interstates to somewhere safer, like a school crossing area, or into small towns where the speed limit is 25 or so.  This woman believes that the deer and other wildlife cross the roads because the wildlife crossing signs are there.  She can't understand that the wildlife crosses the roads in those areas naturally....
    With the cooler temperatures, the three hummingbirds that I recognize are coming multiple times to my hummingbird feeder.  There are three distinct ones - two females and one male.  On warm and hot days they don't visit the feeder except early morning and dusk.  All three have been here multiple times this morning - and I counted as the male dipped his beak in 43 times at three different "flowers" in one visit.  I was particularly happy when I observed a small air bubble flow up to the top while he was sipping away.
    I called the emergency 911 police number Saturday evening.  A new tenant moved into an apartment on the third floor two staircases north of me.  Each building has a staircase, with two apartments on the ground floor, and four apartments on the second and third floors.  Beatrice, my room mate, and I are friends with our maintenance man, Chris, and Chris tells us things he feels we should know about neighbors.  The new tenant, a Caucasian woman, came to be known because she was screaming and yelling at a cleaning crew in an apartment across the hall from her.  The cleaning crew was made up of two whites, two Hispanics, and an African-American.  She was hurling nasty racial slurs at everyone.  The next day, a Hispanic man was doing heavy-duty carpet cleaning - and had his hoses running between the apartment he was cleaning and the new tenant's.  Suddenly, none of his hoses were working.  He stepped out to find they'd been sliced through - completely severed - and the woman was threatening him with a large butcher knife. He locked himself inside the apartment and called the police, who came and took her away.  She was back inside 24 hours.
   The lady had been pointed out to us at an apartment community meet-and-greet on 1 August.  The night of the 5th, she was at our door around 7:25 - she rang the doorbell three times, then pounded on the door, then laid on the doorbell again.  Our neighbor who lives diagonally across from us has multiple medical problems, and we thought it might be her, so Beatrice opened the door without looking out the peep-hole.  It was the new tenant.  She placed her hand on the door, as if to push it open further, and yelled, "Andre?!?  Where's Andre?  Does he live here?  I need him now!"  Beatrice immediately said, "No Andre here," and abruptly closed the door.  She went next door, rang the bell and pounded, and they opened the door - she began yelling about Andre, and all of her stuff, and it was in her place, and where the hell was Andre?  They closed their door on her.  Across the little hall from us lives a couple with their dog and new baby.  Luckily, they weren't at home, but she took a while trying to get them and the lady with medical problems, who was also gone.  Then she came back to our door, ringing the bell and hitting the door with her fists.  That's when I called 911.  Apparently the folks next door were also calling, because the 911 operator told me they were taking another call about her at the same time...
    We ended up with four "squad cars" (although most Boulder police vehicles are actually SUVs) in the lot.  I had called 911 at 7:29; the last car left at 8:05, and called up to us that everything was OK...  I don't know what exactly happened.  One of the neighbors called and said one of her neighbors claimed to have heard a gunshot.  I heard doors slamming before it started to pour rain, but no gunshots....  Life is always entertaining in Boulder!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Few Favorite Photos

St. Andrews Church

St. Michaels, Maryland

Fjord in Norway

Great Horned Owl

Sailing ship

Mount Ranier

North Dakota mustangs

I'm Back With - Miscellany - Tonight

Well, Pony Penning is over for 2017 - the major part, anyway.  Fall round-up will be October 13 and 14th, when folks who purchased younger foals will return to pick them up, and the veterinarian will give everyone another quick check-up.  I don't how how much money the raffle tickets for King Neptune brought in, but the 62 foals sold (including the ten designated Buy Backs)  brought in $209,900.  It was also reported that other items auctioned - art, photographs, arts and crafts, T-shirts, etc. - brought in another $3,300.  Pony Penning was successful this year.
    I have up-dated the previous post with the auctioned foals information twice; today it was to add the 24 names that the youngsters have been given by their new owners. Still waiting to hear what the CLG decides to name their colt and filly, as well as a few other Buy Backs.  The names of purchased and removed foals are slowly percolating through Chincoteague Pony lovers.   I'll post them as I learn of them.
    One of the dogs that I care for crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Monday evening.  I'm pretty sure her owner had her put down.  She was a delightful 12-year-old mutt, named Tess.  She bounded like a gazelle, and pounced like a fox on prey.  She began having seizures around Christmas.  The owner believes in holistic medicine and would not put the dog on "normal" seizure medication until 8 weeks ago.  The medication made the dog unsteady on her feet, gave her a tremendous appetite, and caused her to drool excessively when sleeping.  The dog had good days and bad days, and was slowly getting adjusted to the medication.  The owner's daughter and I have been the dog's most active care-givers, as the owner has been "home" only six weeks since Christmas.  I was notified by a Facebook posting that the dog had "left us."  I will miss that happy, romping, black girl for a long, long time.  Goodbye, Tessa.
    I laughed out loud today when I read the news that officials on the University of Colorado campus here in Boulder sent Tweet and e-mail alerts to all students that a "rare" and "extremely dangerous" badger had been seen on campus.  A number was given to call in sightings, and students were told to avoid the badger at all costs....   What a laugh!   If a badger is protecting its' young, or if it's cornered, will fight to protect itself (or its' young).  It does not rampage about, causing mayhem wherever it goes.  When the Department of Wildlife was contacted about the message, they laughed.   Badgers are usually seen a little farther north and west, on the edges of Estes Park, and in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  They are somewhat unusual around Boulder, but CU sure made a fuss over nothing.
    OK - I'm going back to politics for the moment.   Since I started this blog, I have had comments made in many foreign languages.  If it's a language I recognize, I translate it.  But when I last worked in Washington, DC, for the EPA, I was still getting weekly visits from FBI agents to view my folder of "odd/unusual" comments.  Once I began this blog, I hate to say it, but I routinely delete any comments written to me in Cyrillic or a Middle Eastern language. Since spring and summer of 2016, I have had an upswing in the number of comments in those languages.  So I was interested in learning about Russian bots and how they grab certain words and send "disinformation" to the writer. - I wrote a blog on this s few months ago.
    Today a friend, and several of his colleagues, who have worked for the US government in the past in the area of cyber security, have opened a new website called Hamilton 68.  It does not show the response on the internet - but it shows how the bots, implemented by Russia and their comrades, react to words on Twitter.   If you ever use Twitter, look at this site!   Once you get there, there is a button for first-time users that explains pretty much anything you want to know - the site can be viewed at: http://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org   I highly recommend at least one visit - the information is mind-boggling.

   Two other political items, and I'll be quiet for the night.  My jaw dropped tonight when I heard that the current President wants to have the Commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, Army General John Nicholson, fired by his Pentagon Generals.  He stated, "We aren't winning."  And went on to ask why we haven't demanded a share of the $1 trillion in mineral wealth that Afghanistan owns for "US aid and assistance."  After the President left the meeting, a shouting match was overheard between Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist, and H. R. McMaster, the White House National Security Adviser.  - But then I remembered that the President had said something along those lines during his campaign....   I had no idea that America expected Afghanistan to pay us for a war against ISIL and the Taliban waged in their own country.
    The other thing is the new immigration laws and limits that the 45th Administration wants to impose.  Not only does this group want to ban all immigrants of Muslim faith, they now want to decrease the number of legal immigrants each year.  The new immigration laws they are calling for will limit legal immigration by 50% over a period of 10 years by reducing the number of relatives allowed to join families later.  They will cut refugee numbers to 50,000 people per year.  They will end the diversity visa lottery that currently allows 50,000 from under-represented countries to receive a green card.  And they will most highly favor those immigrants who speak English, have skills to raise the economy, and who can financially support themselves and their families upon arrival in the United States.
    In a televised news conference today, White House adviser Stephen Miller was presenting the above outlines to an array of reporters, when Jim Acosta, a CNN representative, quoted the first few lines from the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in New York City's harbor: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..."
* The Statue of Liberty, actually named Liberty Enlightening the World, was a gift from the country of France to help us remember their assistance during the Revolutionary War.  Edouard de Laboulaye, a French political thinker and an abolitionist, proposed the idea of the statue - and made certain that a broken shackle and chain were placed at her right foot to show that America had broken the shackles of oppression and tyranny.  American people raised the money for the shipping of the gigantic statue for more than 6 years, and she was unveiled and dedicated on Thursday, 28 October 1886. *
    After Acosta spoke those lines, Miller stated, "The poem you were referring to was added later. It's not actually part of the original Statue of Liberty."  Miller went on to say that the statue is a "symbol of American liberty lighting the world" and suggested that it had little to do with immigrants of any kind.  This has caused a huge amount of protests today.
  *While waiting for the statue to be assembled in New York harbor, writers and authors asked Emma Lazarus, a poet and descendant of Jewish immigrants, to write a sonnet that would be sold at auction to raise money for the gigantic pedestal that was needed for the statue to rest upon.  Emma Lazarus wrote "The New Colossus" on 2 November 1883 inspired by the plight of immigrants and refugees, and her own experiences in New York City.  The poem appeared in The New York Times and in Joseph Pulitzer's New York World.  Lazarus died in 1887 and her poem was forgotten.
    In 1901, Georgina Schuler, a friend of Emma's, found a book containing the poem, and began an effort to resurrect the work, have it inscribed on a plaque, and placed on the statue's pedestal.  The sonnet reads:
  "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

I hope all of you have a wonderful August!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chincoteague Pony Auction Results (with Photos)

The auction of the Chincoteague pony foals is used for two purposes; first, to remove excess livestock from Assateague Island to prevent over-grazing and keep herd numbers within the mandated limit by the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge; and, second, to make money for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company.  The majority of fire-fighters and our EMTs are volunteers - and we need to pay for equipment, training, and supplies.  The sales of the foals and the Fireman's Carnival are just two of many events that occur year-round to help fund our fire and medical stations.
   After I posted there would be nine Buy Back foals this year, folks were surprised to find out, on the morning of the auction, there would be ten.  The Pony Committee decided to also keep the first foal born this year, a chestnut pinto filly sired by Tornado's Legacy and out of the mare Anne Bonny.
    Here are the foals as they were presented for sale on Thursday, 27 July, and the prices they commanded.  This information was compiled by Cherie Miner and Darcy Cole of DSC Photography.  ** All of the second foal photos at the Auction was taken by Darcy Cole of DSC Photography.  Most, if not all, photos without a watermark or copyright are from Gina Aguilera's Facebook page "Chincoteague Pony Names."   Please give the owners of the photos full credit if you use them for any purpose.**

#1   Palomino pinto colt
sire: Ken     dam: Whisper of a Living Legend      $4,200

#2    Bay pinto filly
sire: Ajax     dam: Dream Catcher        $1,800

#3 Bay colt
sire: Maverick     dam: Calceti'n        $1,100

#4 Buckskin pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Splash of Freckles    $3,900

** Buy Back **   #5   Buckskin pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Sweetheart     $8,400
(buyer: Chincoteague Legacy Group)
CLG ToMorrow's Tidewater Twist

#6  Palomino pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Little Duckie        $1,500

#7 Bay filly
sire: Hoppy     dam: Tuleta Star       $1,700
Mayflower Mocha

#8 Bay pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Seaside Miracle      $1,800
Seaside Legacy's Rainy Arrow

** Buy Back **   #9  Bay filly
sire: Hoppy     dam: Isle Treasure        $7,100
Tawny Treasure

#10 Palomino pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides     dam: Kimball's Rainbow Delight      $2,500
Rainbow's Graceful Runaway

#11 Bay pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides     dam: Ella      $1,800

#12 Chestnut filly
sire: Ken     dam: Cinnamon Blaze     $2,200

#13 Palomino pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Lady Hook (aka Susie Q)    $2,500
Legacy's Barnacle Boy

** Buy Back **   #14   Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Legacy     dam: Anne Bonny     $7,500
Mary Read

#15 Bay pinto colt
sire: Maverick     dam: Marguerite        $1,700

#16 Bay filly
sire: Ken     dam: May's Grand Slam       $2,000

#17 Bay filly (born on the 4th of July)
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair     dam: Grandma's Dream       $2,000

#18 Chestnut colt (final son of Wild Bill)
sire: Wild Bill     dam: JABATTA        $1,600

#19 Chestnut pinto colt
sire: Maverick     dam: Essie      $1,800

** Buy Back **   #20   Black or dark bay filly
sire: Maverick     dam: Surfin' Chantel      $7,400
Talia  (Evan's Angel)

#21 Chestnut filly
sire: Chief Golden Eagle     dam: Two Teagues Taco       $2,000

** Buy Back **    #22    Palomino filly
sire: Chief Golden Eagle     dam: Pony Lady's Sweet Surprise     $15,000
(buyer: Chincoteague Legacy Group)
CLG Cowboy Kisses

#23 Chestnut colt
sire: Puzzle (aka Archer's Gambit)   dam: Misty Mills     $1,600
Misty's Archer's Arrow

#24 Chestnut pinto filly 
sire: Ajax     dam: Tiger Lily (aka Waterbaby)      $2,000
Maeve Lily

#25  Bay colt
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair     dam: Sonny's Legacy      $1,600
Sonny's Seaside Spirit

#26  Bay pinto colt
sire: Wild Thing     dam: Black Star      $1,700
Black Star Buttons

#27 Chestnut colt
sire: Puzzle (aka Archer's Gambit)     dam: Scotty's ET    $1,600

#28 Chestnut pinto colt
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair      dam: Dakota's Promise      $1,600
Dakota's SeaStar

#29  Palomino pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides    dam: Carnival Baby    $2,500

#30  Chestnut filly
sire: Hoppy (aka Effie's Papa Bear)     dam: Wild Island Orchid     $1,900

#31 Bay filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Loveland's Secret Feather      $3,800

#32 Buckskin colt
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair     dam: Jessica's Sandy     $3,000

#33 Bay pinto filly
sire: Wild Thing (above)     dam: Summer Breeze      $2,000

#34 Palomino pinto filly
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides     dam: Sashay Lady      $3,500

#35  Black pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides     dam: Baybe     $2,700

**Buy Back **    #36   Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Hoppy (aka Effie's Papa Bear)     dam: Carol's Little Freedom      $7,100
Pony Girl's Bliss
#37 Bay filly
sire: Hoppy (aka Effie's papa Bear)     dam: Elusive Star      $1,600

#38 Chestnut filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Diamond's Jewel      $3,100
RD Sapphire

#39  Bay pinto colt
sire: Wild Thing     dam: Cody Two Socks         $2,200
(A Feather Fund sale)
Copper's High Tide

#40 Palomino pinto filly
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair     dam: Lorna Dune      $3,900
VIP Celestial Star

#41 Bay pinto filly
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair       dam: Beach Baby     $2,500

#42  Dark chestnut filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide (above)     dam: Lyra's Vega      $2,200
Fleck of Island Sand

#43 Chestnut pinto colt
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Got Milk?      $1,700

#44 Chestnut colt
sire: Phantom Mist (aka Fabio)    dam: Daisy       $1,500
Phantom's Shipwreck

#45  Bay colt
sire: Ace's Black Tie Affair      dam: Chickadee      $1,500

** Buy Back **   #46   Bay pinto colt
sire: Wild Thing     dam: Thetis      $8,900
Henry's Hidalgo

#47 Chestnut filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide      dam: Pappy's Pony       $2,400

** Buy Back **    #48    Bay pinto filly
sire: Ajax     dam: Miracle's Natural Beauty      $13,500
Miss Me

#49  Chestnut colt
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Butterfly Kisses (above)      $1,700

#50  Bay colt
sire: Hoppy (aka Effie's Papa Bear)     dam: Kachina       $1,800

#51  Chestnut pinto colt
sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides     dam: Lefty's Checkmark       $1,700

#52  Chestnut colt
sire: Surfer's Riptide      dam: Suzy's Sweetheart        $1,600

#53  Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Poco's Starry Night     $4,100

#54  Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Ken      dam: C J Sammin'          $2,200
(A Feather Fund buy)
Alyssa's Blissful Dream

** Buy Back **    #55  Buckskin filly  (last Wild Bill filly)
sire: Wild Bill     dam: Landrie's Georgia Peach      $10,000
Liz's Serenity

#56  Bay filly
sire: Hoppy (aka Effie's Papa Bear)     dam: Surf Queen      $1,700
Hoppy's Surfing Princess

#57 Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Maverick     dam: Little Bit o'Joansie        $2,800
Island's Gift

#58 Palomino filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Alice's Sandcastle       $3,700

#59 Chestnut pinto filly
sire: Puzzle (aka Archer's Gambit)   dam:  Duckie  (aka Sweet Jane)     $2,500

#60  Palomino pinto colt
sire: Maverick (possibly Ace)     dam: Marsh Mallow            $2,100

#61  Chestnut pinto colt
sire: Surfer's Riptide     dam: Randy        $2,100
Randy's Red-Tide Royalty

** Buy Back **    #62     Black or dark bay filly
sire: Surfer's Riptide      dam: Leah's Bayside Angel      $9,000
Millie Sue

The 63rd colt was the first foal to reach the Chincoteague shore during the Pony Swim.  He was proclaimed King Neptune and was raffled.
sire: Surfer's Riptide    dam: Bay Girl

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