Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I saw everything with extreme clarity - even myself.  I felt alive and vibrant, almost quivering with the energy stored within my body.  I was tall, thin, and long-limbed.  I was wearing a necklace of  glowing opals, with diaphanous veils attached between the jewels - my only clothing.  I was clutching - something - in my left hand, as I wandered through a green maze that was much taller me.  As I rounded a corner, I heard a very loving and lilting call come from a tall man wearing a tailored tuxedo.  He had been sitting in a chair, at a table for two, but was now on his feet, still trilling our love song.   "Esssssssss-zoooooooooo-zhaaaaaaaaaaay...."   I felt so excited and thrilled by his loving greeting.  I tossed the item in my left hand like a frisbee, lofting it over towering green wall. As it left my hand, I realized it was the head of my last lover, whom I had happily consumed after mating.  I smiled seductively as I approached this new praying mantis....

Friday, October 13, 2017

I Was Mean, Nasty, Obnoxious - & I Enjoyed It!

The man in the Oval Office scares me.  He makes me nervous all the time.  When I wake up each morning, I think....  "Well, Boulder has somehow survived the night..."  I have finally realized this is the game that makes the orange circus peanut feel powerful and controlling - when he's actually inside an an adult day care center, according to one Republican Senator.
  I haven't let myself  release any angst in a while - but I did so yesterday evening on the public Boulder bus system.   It's 5:30 and a bunch of freshmen (boys and girls) high school students got on the bus two blocks past the station.  The boys formed two groups, the wanna-be Ramones in the front, with leather jackets and oiled hair.  Jocks and class nerds went into the back.  I was sitting across from the mid-bus exit door.  Two young girls sat behind me - they both had bad colds and kept coughing and hacking, noisily.  They did not cover their mouths, I was was feeling spittle on the back of my neck, after they both coughed twice.  The became intense about a very serious discussion - "Did you hear?" - "O! No way!" - and "OMG I just SENT that to HIM!"   Thankfully my stop was coming up.
    I took out a tissue and wiped the back of my neck, as they coughed on me, again, in unison.  Then one said - "OMG - I haven't shaved anywhere in  two weeks!"     ....   Wicked, wicked me.....   As I stood up for my stop, I leaned toward them and said, "That isn't something people want to hear on a bus."  They looked at each other and they said, in unison, little blue-eyed blond, and brown-eyed black-haired - "Shut up, old cow!"
    Ooooops.  Wrong button to push on the wrong day at the wrong time.
   As I backed out the door, I waved my hand at the two of them, and said, at the top of my powerful voice.   "Oh, my Gawd!!   You haven't shaved anywhere in over  two weeks?!?!?!  -  That's completely disgusting!    Not your pits, or your pubes, or your legs?!?!?!  Great Gawd Awmighty, child!  - You must look like a baby spiny anteater just growing in it's first quills!"

    People were laughing as the door closed behind me - and the girls were scarlet.......

A baby spiny anteater....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue Jay Gallery

A gallery of blue jays
(and a Stellar's jay)

(Stellar's jay)

Chincoteague Pony Fall Round-Up

The Fall Round-up of the Chincoteague ponies on the Virginia end of Assateague Island will happen on October 13 and 14 - this Friday and Saturday.  Foals that were purchased at the July Pony Auction, but were too young to be weaned from their mothers, will be picked up by their owners.  The foals that were designated "Buy-Backs" have been rounded up and placed in the corrals at the Carnival Grounds. 
   Two other foals have been born since the ponies returned to Assateague, and both were fillies.  Galadriel and Wild Thing produced a very splashy girl on 6 August; and Ken and 15 Friends of Freckles had a girl the morning of the solar eclipse, 21 August.  Both of these fillies are running with the herds on the northern section of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  I do not know whether they will be sold at this weekend's round-up, or if they will be hold-overs, and sold as (almost) yearlings at next year's Pony Penning.  If they are sold at this round-up, the price is, normally, that of the average price of the foals sold in July....
   If you purchased a pony, and are going to be on Chincoteague to pick it up, check with the Fire Company and be certain where you need to show up with your trailer - the Carnival Grounds, or the main holding corrals on Assateague.
   If you just want to see the ponies - you can see the ten Buy-Backs at the Carnival Grounds.  The Southern herds will be rounded up on Friday afternoon and will be at the Beach Road corrals.  On Saturday, the northern herds will be rounded up... 
   I am assuming that most of the stallions and mares that run loose in the northern compartment will be either herded there, or trailered there, so they can return to their usual areas.  Seems that the southern compartment is a might crowded, in my opinion...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Death and Life on Assateague Island, Maryland

An injured Assateague pony was reported on the causeway road on Assateague at 8 p.m. Thursday, 5 October.  When Park Rangers arrived, Jester, an 18-year-old stallion, was dead.  The newspapers report that there was no sign of physical trauma, so the rangers are assuming the stallion died from "massive internal trauma" (from being struck by a vehicle).  Jester has roamed the causeway area, with his single mare, Dee's Heart, since 2004.  He will be missed.   (And I hope that Dee's Heart will find a new group to stay with soon...)
Jester rising from a nap on the beach.  (Please, if you took this photo, let me know in the comments section, so I can give you the appropriate credit!)

But there have also been two recent arrivals - on 20 September, Dr. Jay and Bayberry welcomed a new filly:
Photo by Vivian Harsch Carpenter

(This one is by ets photography - Elizabeth Stroud)

And on 2 October, Gokey Go Bones and Yankee produced a filly of their own - and she looks a lot like her daddy!

Ann Richardson took both shots of the latest baby...

And the Eclipse baby,  out of Johnny's Star, by Chip, is growing like mad.  She's shedding her baby fur, with a much darker undercoat showing, which is causing a lot of comments from visitor's who believe she is ill...
Photo by Beached Paws Photography, foal less than 24 hours old

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Quotes From the Moron-in-Chief - Part 1

It's so very sad that this man was chosen by the Electoral College as the President of the United States of America.  Remember - he lost by more than 3 million popular votes.
8 October 2017 -  "I think one of the greatest of all terms I've come up with is 'fake.'  I guess other people have used it, perhaps, over the years, but I've never noticed it."  - He calls any news organization that reports unflattering stories on his administration 'fake news.'
May 2017 - In an interview with The Economist, the man claimed to have invented the term 'priming the pump,' claiming he "came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good."  The term 'priming the pump' has been in the dictionary since 1931.
3 November 2016 - "I'm also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has."
17 December 2016 - "China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters - rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act."
19 October 2016 - "Nobody respects women more than me."  Three minutes later: "Such a nasty woman."  - At the third presidential debate.
26 September 2016 - "That makes me smart."   - In response to Hillary Clinton's suggestion that he pays no Federal Income tax.
26 September 2016 - "Hillary Clinton... started the birther controversy.  I finished it."
28 February 2016 - Tweeting a quote from fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini - "It is better to live one day as a lion than to live 100 years as a sheep."
16 March 2016 - To Joe Scarborough, when asked who he frequently asks for comments on foreign policy - "I'm speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things."
"The beauty of me is that I'm very rich."
"Women: You have to treat them like shit."
"You know, it doesn't matter what they (the media) write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass."
"If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?"
27 October 2016 - Speaking of himself in the third person - "We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump."
6 September 2016 - Asked about his stance on foreign policy in the Middle East:  "Iraq and Iran were very similar militarily, and they'd fight, fight, fight, and then they'd rest.  They'd fight, fight, fight, and then Saddam Hussein would do the gas, and then somebody else would do something else, and then they'd rest."
13 August 2016  -  Admitting lying, but claiming he would NOT do such a thing to an 18-year-old cancer patient in the audience -  "I might lie to you like Hillary does all the time, but I'll never lie to Giacomo, okay?"
May the Gods protect us!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Puerto Rico, Las Vegas ...... and him

So, while people are dying for lack of supplies, and medicines
in Puerto Rico, a US Territory;

and a Mayor is requesting life-saving relief in an American city;

we have a mass murderer in Las Vegas, shooting people like fish in a barrel;

and, then there's, the orange turd in chief, golfing at a resort he owns,
on the American taxpayer's dime, and claiming that Puerto Rico  doesn't
earn it's share of US revenue, and that it's people won't do anything to help themselves.
I hope he's struck by a bolt of lightning!

Woe Is Me....

I've been taking care of a house where I have no internet connection, so my apologies for not blogging sooner. What the heck is going on in our world today?
   We - the United States - has been dealing with the hurricane natural disasters in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, the US Virgin Islands, and in Puerto Rico.  Now there's a seemingly rational, older man, aged 64, who stands up in two 32nd-story windows at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he shoots freely, using an automatic weapon, into a crowd of 22,000 people gathered for a Sunday night music festival.  As the police have said, "it was like shooting fish in a barrel."
   I am so very angry!  And there is no one thing, no one person, no one place that I can direct my anger toward.  I am also incredibly sad.  To realize that, so far, 59 unique individuals have lost their life to a single gunman.  A man who killed and injured hundreds of people, who, apparently, turned a gun upon himself, and chested people out of answers to their questions....  Why that night?  Why those people?  Why shoot anyone? What was he feeling?  What reason had he to perform such a gruesome exercise? 
   When I sat down to type this, the death count was at 59, with 527 other people being treated or hospitalized, for gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds, and trample and stampede damages to their bodies.  It just seems so incredible to me.  I can not understand wanting to kill, injure, maim and frighten people.  It is just beyond my imagination.
    I will be mentioning the ignorant, pompous ass who is now residing in the White House.  I cannot avoid it, even though I wish I could totally ignore him.  He, and his evil ilk, are showing me who my real friends are.  People I have known for 55 years or more are slowly being removed from my friends list - people I grew up with and cared about.  But they are now people who run around shouting, "Fake News!," and carrying on about "Killary -"  wake up. people, the election was over 10 months ago.  Your doggie nugget is in charge - and America is sinking fast.  I shared a British newspaper article saying that Three-Star General Buchanan says that the devastation he has seen in Puerto Rico is the worst he's ever seen - even Katrina, where he worked as a logistics adviser.  One of my (now former) friends has sent up a wail that the entire article, quotes, and photos are "Fake News!" 
    I am sorry to tell you, honey, that the current White House administration seeds, reaps, and sows all of it's own fake news, with quite a bit of help from Russia, the Kremlin, and Vladimir Putin.

     I hope that I am never in the presence of the 45th Idiot.  I wouldn't be able to decide whether to urinate on him, fart on him, defecate on him, spit on him, or set him on fire....

    He is killing our great country with his sheer idiocy, his lack of compassion and feeling, and his desire to make a Big Bang with North Korea.  We might be facing the end of the world as we know it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mustang Foals of the Western United States

Photographs - and Feelings

Every single person on this earth is betrayed by someone, at some point in time, in some little (or, sometimes big) way.  It is the consequence of being a human being, of trying to be nice and pleasant  and respectful to everyone (if you were raised that way, like me); or it's the consequence of always telling the literal truth, no matter how hurtful.  Each of us is an individual, and we all have individual beliefs of right and wrong, of fairness and unfairness, of  following the rules, or breaking them.  I try to follow most rules - but I occasionally break them through ignorance, I openly admit that.
   I admit that I love to look at photographs - whether I took them or not.  I used to have boxes upon boxes of photos from Chincoteague and Assateague Islands - photos of ponies, all things to do with Pony Penning, friends, family, homes and familiar sights and places.  I lost all of those, including childhood book and old family photos fourteen years ago.
    Family members have shared a few old photos with me, but I have taken a lot of photos straight from the images pages of both Yoohoo and Google search engines, and, in the last five years from Facebook shares.  I also purchase photos from dealers on line.  I have personally taken over 7,000 photos in the last fourteen years, and I have them on memory cards and memory sticks and in my personal computer.  I also have a lot of photos that other folks have taken over the past 100 years or so - photos that caught my fancy, or showed something I'd seen and remembered - or were just great, artistic photos.
    For the past three to five years, I have tried to identify the source of every photo I post on my blog - I do not cut off views of copyright indicators, such as names of the photographers, or studio names.  People are apparently stealing photos to use for personal gains, and cutting off copyright information from the photographic views.  I have never done so - and I will not do so.  I have never sold any photos from my blog or my Facebook postings.  During the past year, I have tried to post who took various photos that I use, or, if they are just on an image page, I leave everything blank, other than a description.
   I have been particularly happy to share photos taken by Deb Iddings Noll; by Beached Paws Photography; by Patty Ann (Vamvas) McMahon; by Allan Sklar; by Gina Aguilera, author of the book (and app) Identifying Chincoteague Ponies; by a lot of other people, whom I try to give credit to; and by DSC Photography.  I have tried to emphasize that the photos by these people are for sale, and I try to list how to contact them, when I utilize their photos - via their websites, or via Facebook.
   I know that I have sent at least 100 paying customers to DSC Photography's site, and to the shop that sells their photos on Chincoteague.  So, now, I'm going to complain about my own "hurt feelings."  I belonged to multiple Facebook pages that shared photos of Chincoteague ponies - but no more.   I posted, on Facebook, that I had completed the blog page about the Chincoteague Pony Auction, showing photos of the foals on Assateague, and at the Auction, and listing the names of sires, dams, and the amount the foal was sold for.
   I did this on very little sleep, and I thanked DSC Photography for using the photos that they had taken at the end of the blog.  I started getting nasty comments immediately because I didn't recognize all of the people who had taken the photos.  I asked folks to identify their photos, and I thanked them and identified them before the photo section began.
   The next day, I was removed from access to six Facebook sites that have one of the two owners of DSC Photography as page administrators.  I have been essentially black-balled from all but four Chincoteague Facebook sites.  -  But - and I had to laugh - DSC Photography kept my 5-Star review of their business and website on the top of their page.  (I deleted it myself 6 weeks after the black-balling began.)
   I apologize, again, profusely, to any and all photographers whom I have harmed in any way, or have "ruffled their feathers."  Watermarks and copyright marks are easily available and easy to apply to your photos before they are posted anywhere.  I tried to point viewers to purchase legitimate copies of the photos that are/were copyrighted. 
If I post and share one of your photos, it's because I believe it is beautiful and should be shared with those other people who will appreciate it. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Assorted Photos

1898 Mardi Gras Court, St. Martinville, Louisiana

Black Prince, riverboat, on Bayou Teche, 1900

The Castille House, built in 1866, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Spanish galleon Andalucia at Ocean City, Maryland

Killdeer nest, Assateague Island

Jester, stallion on Maryland end of Assateague

Assateague Island cottontail rabbit

Bits And Pieces

The orange-painted dyed-blond idiot residing in the White House is keeping me upset...  I'm afraid that recently my most coherent thoughts are about how he is such a bizarre individual and how much damage he is doing to our country.   ...   But I'm trying to stay away from that.

   Luckily, all of my friends and family have ridden through all of the hurricanes, so far, with very minor water damage to their yards, and little, if any, damage to their homes.  All people and critters are safe and sound.  -  And that is a huge load off my mind.   Chincoteague may get swiped Wednesday, but I really hope it doesn't happen.  Fall and winter nor'easters are bad enough, without a tropical storm lashing the beaches, too.
   Beatrice and I visited a friend's Meet and Greet City Council candidates party Thursday evening.  Five candidates for the Boulder seats were there; they each gave a 3-minute talk and then we had two hours to mingle and chat with them.  I've signed up to help and support two of the women candidates - Mary Young and Cindy Carlisle.  I liked the other three people, but I didn't really feel totally supportive regarding their stands on a few issues.
   I've been in contact with a few of Beatrice's cousins, whom have never met, and I'm getting her family tree woven together a bit more.  The problem is trying to find the pasts of people who were enslaved.  I've looked at the Freedman's Bureau - and I have some Census records.  I also have plantation records, but very few slaves were listed by name.  I would really love to be able to find more information regarding Bea's great-great-grandfather, a slave named Priest Tickles, who was born in South Carolina in 1820, along with his wife, Charlotte (also listed as Sharlot), who was born in 1835 in Louisiana.  
   And, of course, I'd love to have more information regarding her great-great-grandfather, Luc DeClouette, and his management of his half-sister's plantation at Breaux Bridge.  It is so very difficult for me to image (especially since I'm white) belonging, as a slave, to another person - especially when that person is your white half-sister (with a shared father).  To run her plantation after the death of her husband, and to protect her from US Federal troops during the Civil War's intrusion into the Teche Valley...   I wish photos existed of Luc and his family - both sides.   I'm just a nosy old lady, I guess.  There are so many fascinating things to discover in the past...
   We had a dachshund staying with us for a few days; she's 8 years old, named Emma, has one brown and one blue eye, and has always been a purse-puppy and/or lap dog.  She hasn't been socialized with other dogs, and didn't know what to do the first time I removed her leash in a fenced-in yard.  Finally she started running in huge circles - her happiness was rather contagious.  In the past few weeks, I've been getting her to meet other dogs, and explore new places.  She climbed a tree with low-lying branches while chasing a squirrel; she was so intent upon the scent of a cottontail rabbit that it ran behind her, within 12 inches of her tail, and she didn't see or hear it; and she found a bird's nest hidden in a wood pile, and came out with feathers stuck to her eye lashes.  She's never caught anything, but she's having a good time looking and scenting....  She will chase a squirrel on sight, but is unsure about cats - which is a good thing, because Lovey would have eaten her alive, otherwise.
   I will try to get back into the rhythm of writing again - I need to express myself - and I need to stay away from the stupid man in Washington, DC....    I think I'm back among the living again.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Disasters & Volunteers - Photos

Hurricane Harvey volunteers

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey evacuees

St Maarten after Hurricane Irma

Canadian aid workers heading for St Maarten

My best friend's back yard in Fort Pierce, FL this morning

Key Largo after Irma

Key Largo after Irma

Jacksonville, FL before Irma

Jacksonville, FL during Irma

University of Florida in Gainesville

Fort Lauderdale hotel parking lot

Thank You To All Disaster Relief Workers And Volunteers!

I've been quiet because all of the news recently has been about disasters - hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes...  There is so much misery and loss all around the world.  It's terribly depressing.

  The brightest stars, however, are those people who have been helping others affected by these disasters.  Some people are salaried, but most are freely giving their time, experience, expertise, and money to help find people, to reunite families, to look at properties, to help with damages, to help people who have nothing to very little left.

  My heart-felt thanks to each and every person around the world who is assisting, in any way, with these natural disasters!!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Riding Crosier Mountain

Mounted on King

Looking down upon northeast Estes Park

The faint white lines at the bottom of the valley is the Big Thompson River

Hat tree - a blasted pine

Beyond the hat tree

Mountain meadow with snow-pocked Rocky Mountains in background

Near the top of Crosier  - smoke from wildfires in distance

Looking up at Crosier Mountain