Monday, January 23, 2017

Critter Sitting

I met two new cuties that I'll be caring for in a few days - a pair of black sister litter-mates, Pip and Squeak.  They are very sweet.  As usual, I had a little giggle because the cats came out to meet me, after their owner assured me that they were both sound asleep, and wouldn't be stirring for several hours.  I heard a quiet "Mmm-row?" and told her that one of the cats was awake - and she looked very startled and told me I must have heard something from outside, or that the cleaning team had made something squeak.  Less than 30 seconds later, Squeak was doing the snaky figure-8 around my ankles.  It gave the owner quite a surprise.  Less than a minute later, Pip also joined us, and I was able to see the differences between the sisters.
   I was also able to walk Rosie today...  She is such a sweet girl.  The owners' son had been home from college and just left yesterday, so I didn't walk Rosie on Thursday and Friday; instead Max spent time with her.  And she loves Max so dearly - she'll try to do anything he asks, no matter what.  And since she's fourteen and a half years old, we never know if the day will be her last.  She still enjoys life greatly - she absolutely loves Chicken McNuggets and usually eats 17 to 20 of them when I take care of her in the evenings.  She doesn't have much of an appetite for her prescribed dog food, and usually gets rotisserie chicken and meatballs from a local market, plus fresh-frozen duck.   Spoiled?   Not my Rosie!  Today she chased a mule deer in my sister's back yard, and I think that made her feel powerful and young again.  There are usually squirrels and rabbits galore for her to see, and chase, if she decides to do so.  Today, the fir trees were full of chickadees and that was almost all you could hear - and Rosie had a good time "playing Safari" under the low branches of the trees, looking for lions and tigers and bears.  The only thing we haven't found there is a tiger, so far...
   Both of my cats are curled up on, or next to, my bed - Nedi has made himself a little nest in my dirty laundry basket and is out like a light.  Lovey is at the foot of the bed, but I can tell from her ears that she's listening to the keyboard.  I have been lucky to have had the use of Donn's VW Touareg since two days past Christmas; while he's away, I pick up his mail, and get to use his vehicle, just replacing the fuel that I've used.  He returns tomorrow afternoon, and after almost 30 days straight with a car available, it'll feel strange to go back to busing and walking...  but that's what happens tomorrow.
   Luckily the job that I begin on Wednesday (actually two jobs start at once) is within a block of a bus stop; I'll have to walk two more blocks to see Pip and Squeak.  I'm just hoping that we'll continue to have mild weather and little snow until both families return.  Also back a Dellwood on Wednesday - chickens, cats and fish to care for.  At least, if there is a heavy snow, the way is short from the house to the chicken coop, and the girls will be able to stay in the covered run.  They also have a heat lamp and heated water bowls, so there's no worry there.  I'll just have to try and keep the cats inside, if there is a heavy snow; Carter would rather be inside where it's warm, but Xuxa wants to go out and burrow in the snow, silly girl!

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