Friday, January 20, 2017

I Was Wrong - Barron WAS There

I wrote yesterday evening that the then President-Elect's son was missing from yesterday's afternoon and evening festivities.  I have been corrected, both by my sister, and by someone who taught at my high school.  The now-President's son was in attendance both at Arlington Cemetery and at the Lincoln Memorial.  I was most definitely wrong, but I still fail to see the boy in any photo that has been published or shared.  And I should not have made the snide remark that I hoped the young man wasn't locked up in a closet.   -  Sometimes I am just a bitch....
   I still do not see the youngest son in either of these photos from yesterday - but Barron is clearly there at his Mother's side in today's photo.
Yesterday at Arlington Cemetery

Yesterday evening at the Lincoln Memorial

Today at the Oath of Office ceremony

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