Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bits and Pieces

I saw the outcome of a stolen car Keystone Cops kind of thing the other day.  A 19-year-old man stole a newer car as the owner was walking out to the car.  The owner called 911 immediately, and there was a police cruiser one block away.  The stolen car passed the cruiser, and the police car turned on its lights and siren.  The stolen car started going twice the speed limit and was being driven recklessly.   It was just after 11 in the morning, and the car was in a highly congested area.  The police decided not to follow the car which might cause an accident.  The driver of the stolen vehicle had apparently panicked - he drove across an intersection and into a shopping mall parking lot.  He struck something - I don't know what - but the car went airborne, flipped, and landed on the nose of the front hood.  Pieces of the car and engine were sent flying by the impact - damaging multiple parked cars, and inflicting injuries to people on sidewalks in front of stores and on the street.  Somehow the driver climbed out of the car and fled on foot.  He was captured 45 minutes later, 18 blocks from the accident...
   I always thought that the saying, "may you live in interesting times," was more of a curse than anything else.  I must say that the tiny-handed tangerine tyrant still scares me, and I'm afraid of what will happen to our country as a whole, as well as how it will affect me.  But we do live in interesting times.  I find myself waiting for the next installment of 45's Failures to be announced on the news - and, yes, my favorite channels are NBC, MSNBC and CNN, all of which cheeto-cheeks calls "fake news."  With KellyAnne Conjob's free commercial, and Flynn's resignation, I am already gob-stopped.  What will happen next?
   Turley's kitchen, our favorite restaurant, was quietly placed up for sale a few weeks ago.  The main owner is now 80, and his daughter, who has worked in and for the business since she graduated from high school is ready to try something new.  We know the owners, and they told us that the lease on the property was about to run out, also.  The business was sold last week, to someone who says they'll keep it the way we've known it.  Monday, we visited for lunch.  We only saw three service people that we knew.  The young lady that we had did not listen to our orders, and kept suggesting other things to eat and drink.  I saw that they had one of my favorite desserts, and I ordered it with my meal, as they frequently sell out.  The young woman wanted to know if I wanted to be served my dessert first, with the meal, or after the meal...  It took 15 minutes to get a drink re-fill, and when I asked for my dessert, Beatrice told the girl she'd like her dessert to go.  Twenty minutes later, the girl returned with the desserts - both on plates; Bea's was not to go.  Bea requested the dessert to be brought "to go" again - and the young lady said, "Awesome!  What a great idea!"  and wandered off.  It was another 30 minutes before she decided to bring the check, and we had to, again, ask that Bea's now cold dessert be prepared to go.  We were disappointed to say the least.  (Not to mention that the dessert was pretty much tasteless)....  We'll try again, but we might have to scratch Turley's off out eating list.

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