Friday, February 3, 2017

Snow and Genealogy

I think Mother Nature likes to make me crazy.  It was 60 degrees here on Monday and Tuesday, the last two days of January.  On the first day of February, it was 40 degrees, and then the temperature kept dropping and sleet and freezing drizzle began to fall.  Yesterday, we had a very light fine, dry snow fall all day, and it's still coming down... one or two flakes at a time.  It was 14 degrees when I left this morning to care for the hens and cats on Dellwood; I had asked my nephew if he would shovel the sidewalks at Dellwood if it snowed, as he lives one block away.  He never answered, so I shoveled like mad this morning.  It was still 14 degrees when I returned home, 90 minutes later.  At 11 a.m., it's 19 degrees.  -  But it's supposed to be 58 Saturday, Sunday and Monday....  Is the Lady upstairs having hot flashes?
     In any event, I've hit a couple of walls in my genealogy work - Elizabeth Cox was born on 25 Jun 1675 according to her grave stone, and died on 10 May 1837.  According to Family Search, she was married to Hezekiah Hall on 11 Nov 1784.  But there are no records of her parents that I have been able to find....  The other wall, at the moment is Moses Cleveland's grandfather, Richard Cleveland. The church records of St Nicholas Parish in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, record Moyses Cleveland being baptized on 26 February 1604, and that his father's name is Isack Cleveland.  Church records indicate that Isaac was married to a woman named Alice, and that Isaac was born 1 Jan 1584 and that he died on 3 June 1626.  Church records also indicate that his father (Isack's) was Richard Cleveland, who was baptized in July of 1542 at St Nicholas Parish in Ipswich, Suffolk.
   I need to find Elizabeth Cox's parents, and I need to find Richard Cleveland's parents....   Of course, there are lots of other dead-ends, also.
   I start taking care of Maggie May today - her folks are heading off to Vail for a wedding in the family.  That means we should have a vehicle available for the rest of the weekend.  Then, next weekend, Rosie's parents will be gone and we will again have wheels...  Having a vehicle for use is heavenly.

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