Friday, February 10, 2017

This and That

At first I couldn't figure out why I had awoken this morning - then I realized that the apartment building was swaying, thanks to heavy winds.  There were several huge gusts, and then I saw all the lights go out (I keep my blinds/curtains open at night).  I got up and turned my computer off, even though it's power light was on (this was at 2:05).  The recycling fan was still on in the bathroom, too.  I went back to sleep and awoke at 4:10, with more building movement in the high winds, and realizing that the apartment had absolutely no sounds.  Surprisingly, my landline telephone was working, so I called in the power outage and was told that a wire had come down at 2:10.  They thought power would be restored at 6.  The phone went dead as I was thanking the company representative.   The power was restored, including the phone, internet and television at 6:50.  The power went off again at 7:45.  This time I called the power company using my cell phone, and was told a transformer had just blown - power should be back on around 11.  I had toasted waffles when I first got up.  Beatrice hadn't yet made coffee, nor fixed her breakfast, when the power went out again.  She headed down the street in search of an open restaurant, where she finally got breakfast.
  In the meantime, I wrote out postcards to send to the White House and to a Colorado congressman whom I dislike.  I don't write anything that is threatening, but I admit that some of it is mean-spirited. My cards to the White House say "Attn: President" on the front, but on the back read: "To:  bannon/putin/trump"   One to the circus peanut states that I understand he is upset about leaks from his office - has he had his pump-up erector set checked for nano-transmitters?  I send two postcards a day, and have about 30 written so far, as well as stamped....
   The high winds I spoke of earlier are gusting between 40 and 103 mph.  The winds at 2 and 4 this morning were measured at 93 mph.  They are not helping, in any way, a huge grass fire to our north, where hundreds of people have been evacuated since the early morning hours.  The land there is broken and irregular, with a combination of agricultural fields, pastureland for cattle, horses and llamas, and many creeks and arroyos at the foot of the Rockies.  So far, according to reports, no lives have been lost, and livestock is being sheltered at the County Fairgrounds.  There are two fires burning, and each has covered hundreds of acres.  The winds are supposed to die down tonight, and rain is also forecast for tonight.  Let it be soon, for all the critters!
   I rejoiced last night when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 3 to 0 in favor of keeping the circus peanut's executive order against immigration and travel stopped.  I laughed when the orange idiot tweeted; "See you in court..." in all capital letters.  I had an even bigger laugh when it was announced that the tangerine tyrant had had Cory Louie, his cyber security chief, escorted from the White House...  because that happened several days ago!  The itinerant idjit has been without a chief of cyber security for almost a week!  And he was always screaming about HC's use of her personal computer - his telephone, or whatever he tweets from, is totally insecure...   Sad.  So sad.

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