Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Chincoteague Ponies - Older & New - Photos

These photos are shared with many thanks from several people - and
two special business entities:
DSC Photography of Greenbackville, Virginia
JMS Photography of Chincoteague, Virginia
(You can purchase un-marked photos from them, at great prices!
Check out their web sites!)

Badabing and Surfer Princess (2015 buy-backs)

Riptide's herd (Riptide at right)

Five of the 2016 buy-backs

First foal of 2017 - 
Mom is Anne Bonny, the filly, and Dad is Legacy

Second foal - a colt by Legacy out of Sweetheart

Newborn third foal - filly out of Little Duckie, sired by Legacy

Fourth foal - a colt, by Riptide, out of first-time Mom Suede.
Suede left the foal after the first nursing; Suede and foal were
re-united in a box stall after a mini-round-up, and will be kept
together for a few days to insure bonding.  

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