Saturday, March 25, 2017

Creek Bodies, the President, & Foals

The body found along Coal Creek trail the other day has been identified - a 42-year-old woman committed suicide with a hand gun beside the public pathway.  ...And I just observed a man and a woman change their clothing while standing (partially) behind a pine tree beside a Goose Creek Pathway, which is less than 50 yards away from my window....  Interesting.  They have packed up their backpacks and roll-along over-night suitcases and are proceeding southeast on foot...
   It appears that "45's" Art of the Deal came back to bite him in the rear.  He promised the first thing he would do was "repeal Obamacare" and he said he'd do it on day one of his administration.  Yesterday was day 64, and they had to call off the vote to repeal Obamacare because they could not get enough Republicans to vote yes to pass it - his own party!  That just tickles me.
    Last Monday, it was announced in an Open Congressional hearing that Obama did NOT order any wire-tapping or surveillance of the new administration, no matter what 45 claims.  I really believe that 45 and his cronies have completely forgotten that President Obama was/is a Constitutional lawyer, taught Constitutional law, and knows very well what he was, and is, doing.
   And all of 45's cronies just seem to sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand quagmire of Russian ties, Russian money payments, Russian collusion, and the Bank of Cyprus'  and the Deutsche Bank's money laundering of Russian rubles.  Then there are the huge monetary ties that 45, his companies and his family, have with the Bank of China.  Do we have an American President?  Or do we have a Sino-Russ President?
   We still have only two foals born so far on Assateague - Anne Bonny had a red and white pinto girl, and Sweetheart had a buckskin and white pinto boy; the father of both is Legacy, who is a buckskin pinto.  Captain Debbie Ritter caused a stir the other day by posting a photo of Ace and Mayli near Black Duck Drain - and there was a small, dark creature near Mayli, the mare.  She titled the photo, "New Foal?" which sent some pony-watchers into fits. They believed they had spent three hours watching the mare and stallion and had never seen the "foal."  As soon as I looked at the photo I laughed aloud - the "foal" is a Sika deer, or miniature Japanese elk - I could tell by the nose, immediately.  But, people see what they want to see.....

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