Friday, March 24, 2017

Historic Photos of Kansas

Thinking of how my father's family starting moving into, and around,
the state of Kansas after the Civil War ended last night, and
found these wonderful photos in various Historical
Society archives - state, county, and city...
The Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City in 1873
(somehow it doesn't look like Miss Kitty's Long Branch in Gunsmoke)

Main Street in Wichita - 1875

Douglas Avenue in Wichita - 1887

Millinery Store of Mary Klentz in 1888; Main Street, Wichita

Fourth of July Parade, Hill City, Graham County - about 1905

The founders of Nicodemus, Graham County - the first all
African-American town in Kansas

Threshing wheat in 1887 outside of Wichita

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