Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rosie - and the 45th

Well, Rosie had a very bad day yesterday - she had a bout of diarrhea that woke her owners up around 4 yesterday morning - and the mess was spread all over her bed, the master bathroom,the walk-in closet, the master bedroom, the entrance to the stairs, and the stairs themselves.  Her folks were exhausted from caring from her and doing their regular jobs; she awoke them, barking on the stair landing.  They didn't finish getting her cleaned up, and cleaning as well as they could until it was 8:30 yesterday morning.  I took her for a walk at my sister's as usual, and then went back yesterday afternoon so one of the owners could take a nap.  I got her up and down the steps, and supported her to use the bathroom, but she couldn't stand on her own at all.
   I went over this morning, expecting the worst - but she was very happy to see me, shaking with excitement, as she's done for the last year.  Got her in the car, and over to my sister's back yard as usual.  I supported her hindquarters most of the way across the yard, until I got near where we usually sit in the sun; then I let go of her rear support handle.  I was amazed, and extremely happy, when she remained standing by herself for a few minutes, and then walked over to the spruce trees  and began to "play safari."  She poked and nosed under the low growing branches for about ten minutes, then walked back to me, gave a sigh, and laid down.  The last time she did that was around Thanksgiving. I reported that when I took her home this morning, and we all watched, amazed again, as she walked out into the den, drank some water, and then wandered through the kitchen.  I left while she was still standing - astounded by her resilience....
   Apparently "45" stuck pretty much to his teleprompter last night when addressing our joint Congress.  But I was greatly saddened by his use of the widow, and horrified by his following crass remark about how long the applause was.  The man continues to prove he's an uncaring, unthinking idiot.  Following his teleprompter, he actually spoke in complete sentences.  My only question is:  where is he going to get the money to do all of the things he's proposing?  He wants to increase military spending by $54 billion per year.  Hes says he'll get the money by stripping the State Department, Foreign Aid, and shutting down Environmental Protection Agency programs.  Maybe, if he totally closed all of those departments and agencies, he could save that amount.  Then there's his "great, great wall" along the Mexican border; that's supposed to cost $20 to 30 billion - where will that money come from?  He's going to deregulate industry and banking, and give them a 30% tax cut.
Where will the revenue for all of his expenditures come from?  He states he's going to rebuild the nation's infrastructure - with what?  How is he going to pay for 15,000 more border guards? - And what about the Canadian border?  Will we get more guards for the northern border as well?  What about Alaska's border along Canada?  Having lost more than 48% of our manufacturing capabilities over the past 30 years, along with almost 60% of those people trained to do those jobs, how is the circus peanut going to jump-start manufacturing inside the United States again?
   I am just wondering how he's going to pull a miracle out of his.....

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