Friday, March 3, 2017

Rosie, Tipsi, and the US Government

Let's see....  Rosie is doing much better since her Tuesday morning incident.  The carpet cleaners were at the house most of yesterday afternoon to remove stains.  She astounded me yesterday by walking, on her own, from the back gate to the far corner of the yard, then she wandered around a bit taking in the scents.  After a short rest in the sun, she got up by herself and played "safari" in the spruce boughs for ten minutes, then walked around the garden.  After another rest, she walked back to the gate; I had to turn her around and guide her back to the open area of the yard, but she walked without my assistance.  When it was time to leave, she was only a few feet from the car when her hind legs gave out again.  But she walked inside her house, drank water and then went to her bed.
   Last night, she ate a whole chopped chicken breast that I cooked for her, and she got up and drank water several times without assistance.  We went out back and she cruised around her back yard three times during the two hours I spent with her.  It made me feel good, even though I realize that she is nearing the end of her life cycle...
   I visited Tipsi this morning, and took in the mail from yesterday, as well as today's newspapers.  By the time I had emptied a small can of food in his dish, it was almost gone... and then he attacked the bowl of dry kibble I was putting out.  One would think he hadn't eaten in days - and not since yesterday afternoon.  And I know his Momma hid dry nibbles all over the house for him to find....
   I can't say that I was surprised that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any investigations into contacts between "45", his staff, and Russia.   He needs to resign, however.   -  And, after all the fuss over Hillary Clinton and her e-mails, it's very funny that Governor Michael Pence of Indiana (now the Vice President) used an open, un-secure AOL mail address and server while he was serving as the leader of his state....   Can anyone say "double standard?"

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