Wednesday, April 26, 2017

45's Border Wall

I am still hysterically disgusted by the current Presidential Administration's pan to "Build a Wall" dividing the United States from Mexico.  In the last treaty boundary negotiation between the United States of America and the Estados Unidos de Mexico in 1970, it was agreed exactly where the border was.  However, two parts of the boundary line are established by the treaty as being "the deepest part of the middle channel of the Rio Grande" and "the deepest part of the middle channel of the Colorado River."  Whenever there is a torrential rain and flooding, or a hurricane, these two boundaries can move.
   Let's look at some numbers and some topographical areas.  In the boundary treaty of 1970, the national borders extend 18 miles into the Pacific Ocean and 12 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.  According to the US Border Patrol, the "border regions" extend 37 miles from the shores in both directions.  The border between Mexico and the US is about 1,989 miles, depending on the the river courses.  The boundaries run from below sea level on both ends, along the deepest part of the middle channel of two rivers, up over the Continental Divide, near Columbus, New Mexico (altitude 3,900 feet), and across the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.
  Currently, there are 670 miles of many different types of fencing stretched out between the American states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and the Mexican states of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.  There have been large reductions of illegal aliens crossing the border for quite a few years.  Since the regime of Twitler began, the numbers have fallen even more.
    Let's face some ugly facts.  Americans do not want to do what they consider menial labor.  Each of us grew up being told we can be whatever we choose to be. Parents today are still telling their children that.  The truth is that there are huge needs for so-called blue collar workers.  People today believe that each and every one of them deserve to work inside and office, behind their own desk, and spending, maybe half their time working, and the other half schmoozing, while receiving a salary of at least $200,000 per year.  I've had high school kids and college students tell me that those were their work expectations.  Americans do not want to do any type of job that will make them break a sweat, get them dirty, or appear to be subservient in any manner.
    Face it, America needs immigrants who will work hard for a minimum wage.  Throughout our farmlands, there is a severe shortage of people who are willing to work in the fields.  Crops are rotting in fields because there is no one who will go out and bring the crops in.  A Georgia farmer offered to pay anyone willing to help him bring in his crops $15 per hour.  He was told that the work was too hard and too hot, and people would not even agree to be hired by him.  That speaks volumes about the current American mindset.  Americans are just "too good" to actually work for a living.  Personally, I find that sad.
    It also seems that the tangerine tyrant is trying to get into a fight with our northern neighbor, Canada.  Is he going to want another wall, blocking the US and Canadian border?  That boundary, including the Great Lakes, is more than 5,525 miles (1,538 is Alaska's border alone).
   The border wall is complete and total nonsense...  America is what it is because of its diversity - we need to continue to open our arms to all people who wish to start their lives anew, in freedom.  The 45th Administration are all plunder-monkeys seeking their own glorification.  They need to be ousted.

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