Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I was appalled when, on International Holocaust Memorial Day, no one in the new Administration mentioned the Jewish people, Judaism, or Jewish beliefs.  Today, I was totally aghast when White House Spokesman Sean Sphincter stated that "even Hitler" didn't use chemical weapons in World War II.  Another reporter asked the Mouth of 45 if he wanted to clarify his statement  -  and he said that "Hitler didn't use chemical weapons on his own people."
   This is the week of Passover.  It is as important to the Jewish people as a whole, as the Easter Resurrection and Christmas is to Christians.  The Mouthpiece continued to bumble on.  After the press conference, he sent out three tweet apologies in less than 90 minutes, and he called a Jewish House member to apologize over the phone.  Then he apologized, live, on CNN to Wolf Blitzer's viewing audience.
   A lot of people are calling for the resignation of the White House Spokesman.  Frankly, I think the poor guy is one of the most intelligent men surrounding the circus peanut.  And, if Sean resigned, who would we have to laugh at?
    Me?  I couldn't stand up in front of a group of folks and make a speech.  I would be completely tongue-tied, and I'm fairly well known for committing hysterical malaprops and spoonerisms in normal conversation. There is no way that I could get up there in front of a group and answer anything important - unless it was my own personal family history or horse and pony information - and even then, I'd probably totally blank out familiar words.  (We have, and use, an elliptical trainer exercise machine - and I can never think of the correct name for it.  I usually end up acting out the exercise, and looking like an idiot.)
   I do applaud Sean for getting up there and answering questions "cold."  I don't remember names, though I can match voices to names, but matching names and faces is difficult.  But, if one is going to get in front of a large audience, one needs to practice names - or at least have a small cheat sheet one can look at.  Sean has problems with names he doesn't know well...  he called Turnbull "Trumble" several times; he simply can't get Bashar al-Assad right; and he frequently fumbles other names of heads-of-states.  It's kind of embarrassing - but I would not do it, myself.
   Anyway - getting back to being aghast -  since when is cyanide gas not a chemical weapon?  And when did death camps, work camps, and concentration camps become "Holocaust centers?"  It just blows my mind......

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