Friday, April 7, 2017

Going Over Fences - Photos

I volunteered and worked for over 20 years at a horse barn where we bred, trained, and showed horses.  Horses that were bred and trained for three-day eventing - dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping.  I loved the sport and still do...  and there are many ways to ride and jump: you can participate in a point-to-point, in steeplechasing, in cross-country events, riding across country, trail riding, - you name it.  Of course, it's best to know what you're doing, and to have taken lessons - and balance is extremely important, too.  The biggest thing to remember is: The more you ride, the more you fall.   Here are a few photos of jumping and just riding....
The best view ever - from the back of a horse

In eventing, the more skilled you and your horse are, the harder the obstacles...

Helmet cam shot of a cross-country jump

Jumping works because of a complete trust between horse and rider

There are many types of obstacles

A fall at the steeplechase course in Aintree, England *

A point-to-point fall and crash *

And sometimes your horse feels good and just bucks from excess energy...

** The horses and riders in these two fall survived with bumps and bruises,
thankfully with no serious injuries **

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