Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Now Have Two "Must Watch" TV Shows

When Keith Olbermann had his week-nightly show on MSNBC, that was my one "must watch" show on television - and I usually ended up watching a great deal of Rachel Maddow, too.  Since the beginning of the 45 Administration, I have become addicted to the show All In with Chris Hayes, which is then followed by The Rachel Maddow Show.  - I get my 6 to 9 minutes of Keith Olbermann on the GQ website, watching the video piece "The Resistance with Keith Olbermann"  as frequently as he tapes the segment, and Gentleman's Quarterly releases it.  (I watch that on YouTube - and have a subscription for it.)
    I used to watch Chris Matthews a lot, and I still do when he's on a panel - but he sometimes gets carried away discussing his own ideas and talks over his guests (on his own show, which precedes Chris Hayes' show), which kind of annoys me, and kind of doesn't.  To see someone get so involved in politics is fun - especially when we see most things the same way.
    In any event, I found it fascinating that papers were leaked yesterday evening that stated that Carter Page had been surveilled since this past summer, on a FISA warrant.  There are very high standards that must be met to get a secret FISA warrant - and then Page acknowledged that he was someone identified as "Man 1" in  US case against a Russian espionage agent...  What the heck is going on?  I laughed out loud when a part of the trial transcript was read, in which one of the Russian agents stated, "I think he's a stupid man; he didn't recognize or remember me."  This is turning into a farce!
    In any event, if you like to be current on the political situation in the US, and want to listen to experts and opinions about the behavior of 45's group of stooges, then I highly recommend the evening, or late night (depending on where you live) shows on MSNBC.  I usually start with Chris Matthews, then on to Chris Hayes, followed by Rachel Maddow, then Lawrence O'Donnell and capped by  "The Eleventh Hour" with Brian Williams...  This is really fascinating stuff.

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