Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 2017 Chincoteague Pony Foals So Far.... (Photos)

Twenty-two foals have been born so far; one was lost to a massive umbilical cord infection.  Most photos shared here have been taken by DSC Photography (Darcie and Steve Cole) - my thanks to them, and all other folks who have shared their photos on Facebook pages.....

First:  chestnut pinto filly, born 5 March, dam:  Anne Bonny, sire: Tornado's Legacy

Second:  buckskin pinto colt, born 13 March,  dam: Sweetheart, sire: Tornado's Legacy

Third:  sorrel colt; born 27 March; died 31 March.   Dam:  Suede,  sire: Surfer's Riptide

Fourth:  palomino pinto colt, born 27 March;  dam: Little Duckie, sire: Tornado's Legacy

Fifth:  buckskin pinto filly, born 31 March;  dam: Splash of Freckles, sire: Tornado's Legacy

Sixth:  palomino/light chestnut filly, born 7 April;  dam: Lady,  sire: Chief Golden Eagle

Seventh:  bay filly, born 15 April;  dam: Loveland's Secret Feather,  sire: Surfer's Riptide

Eighth:  palomino pinto filly, born 17 April;  dam: Carnival Baby,  sire: Prince of Tides

Ninth:  black pinto colt, born 19 April;  dam: Baybe,  sire:  Prince of Tides

Tenth:  palomino pinto colt, born 20 April;  dam: Whisper of a Living Legend,  sire: Ken

Eleventh:  bay filly, born 23 April:  dam: May's Grand Slam,  sire: Ken

Twelfth:  bay pinto filly, born 23 April;  dam: Dream Catcher,  sire: Ajax

Thirteenth:  chestnut filly, born 26 April;  dam: Diamond's Jewel,  sire: Surfer's Riptide

Fourteenth:  chestnut ?, born 26 April;  dam: Two Teagues Taco,  sire: Chief Golden Eagle
(Taco and foal at left; Lady and filly at right)

Fifteenth:  buckskin filly, born 26 April;  dam: Georgia Peach,  sire: Wild Bill

Sixteenth:  chestnut pinto filly, born 27 April;  dam: Little Bit o'Joansie,  sire: Maverick

Seventeenth:  chestnut pinto ?, born 27 April; dam:  Got Milk?,  sire: Surfer's Riptide

Eighteenth:  chestnut ?, born 28 April;  dam: Poco's Starry Night,  sire: Surfer's Riptide

Ninteenth:  chestnut ?, born 28 April:  dam: Suzy's Sweetheart,  sire: Surfer's Riptide
(left is Secret and bay filly; right is Suzy's Sweetheart and new chestnut foal)

Twentieth:  chestnut filly, born 28 April;  dam: Wild Island Orchid, sire: Hoppy (aka Little Dolphin)

Twenty-first:  chestnut colt, born 29 April;  dam: ET, sire: Puzzle

Twenty-second:  black filly, born 29 April;  dam: Leah's Bayside Angel, sire: Surfer's Riptide (?)

Will continue to update!

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