Monday, May 22, 2017

Bits and Pieces

We pulled our mail in Friday afternoon about 15 minutes after it was delivered.  There was only one piece, addressed to me, and it was from the company we rent our apartment from.  I opened the envelope, turned the oddly folded piece of letter-sized paper over, and my eyes were assaulted by the word "URGENT!" that covered the width of the paper.  There was a letter under it, stating that the company had not received our paper-work to renew our lease and they were giving us a warning before we would have to pay a penalty fee.  We received our letter inviting us to renew on May 6, and we filled out all 25 pages of information and signed and dated it that day.  On Monday, May 8th, we took the paperwork directly to the office and turned it in to the receptionist at the main desk.  She wanted me to fill out four more questions (yes/no answers) that I hadn't marked, because the questions began with, "If you are a student...", which I had marked No.  I called and left several messages Friday afternoon, and Beatrice sent an e-mail. A few minutes ago, I called and got the lady who sent the letter, and for whom I left two messages on Friday.  I stated my name and asked if they had found my paperwork, and she said, "Of course, it's here on my desk."  I ten asked if she needed anything else.  She said we need to give her copies of our 2017 forecast Social Security Statements.  I have made copies of both and we will shortly be delivering them - and asking for a receipt from the reception desk.
   Having listened to a certain man for the past few weeks, I have decided that my hero is now Clinton Watts.  I like the way he moves, thinks before answering questions, and his snarky, sly sense of humor.  Having seen him testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and hearing his opinions on multiple news shows, has shown me a man of erudition and thoughtfulness.  I loved his, "Follow the trail of dead Russians" comment, and I also felt for his "Nobody has my back covered" statement.  I would, and will, cover his back at any moment - even though I am not a trained agent....
   The noose seems to be tightening around the 45th Administration's Russian collusionists...  Mike Flynn looks to take a big fall; and having Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus return very early from the first international trip seems odd - of course, Steve Bannon looked as if he expected every Saudi citizen was going to try to kill him. And the two "top ladies" would not wear head scarves in honor of the Saudi's beliefs...  And I can't believe the moron was upset that he couldn't land his helicopter on top of a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Firing James Comey was one of the worst things the orange idiot could have done; let's see what Bob Mueller does to him.  And the nut job just told an Israeli conference that he had "just returned from a trip to the Middle East"......  He really has NO brain.

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