Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bits And Pieces

Monday is our Memorial Day, when we are given a paid holiday to honor our War dead.  Volunteers have been placing American flags in cemeteries, on graves of military veterans, all this past week.  We, as a country, actively honor all people who served in our Armed Forces, offering their lives in protection of our beliefs of justice, freedom, and democracy.  My Father was a career US Navy service member, my Uncle was a career US Army service member, and a brother-in-law was a career US Marines service member.  Our family has served in the armed services back into the times of Roman Emperors.  I am extremely proud of all of the men and women in my family who have ever served their country in times of need.
   In horse racing, it has been decided that Always Dreaming will not run in the Belmont Stakes, the last leg of the Triple Crown.  In today's 2,000 Guineas, Thunder Snow will be meeting Churchill...
   On the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island, there have been 46 foals born so far...  The latest, seen this morning was out of the mare Chickadee and sired by Ace.  No photos yet.  Considering that the ponies are "wild," having lost only two foals so far this year is very good.  The first died from a massive infection that apparently entered through his umbilical cord; the second was lost to the thick marsh mud.  We're having a very good foaling season, so far.
    Then we come to the administration of the orange snowflake - His trip to the Middle East and beyond started out well.  He was very obsequious to the Saudis and signed a deal for another $110 billion in armed support for their country.  He then made a brief visit to Israel, where his performance was very uneven.  Then he was an unwelcome visitor to the Pope in Vatican City.  Francis looked extremely relieved and happy when the tangerine bigot left the premises.  In Brussels and then back in Italy, he was a complete and total boor.  He pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of his way, so he could be at the front of a photo opportunity.  He yelled at the other members of NATO, saying they hadn't paid enough for US protection (which is NOT what NATO is about); never spoke of the 5th NATO Clause that states if you attack one of us, you attack all of us (and the only time that has been used was for US protection after 9/11); and he called Angela Merkel's German government "very, very bad."
    Now, with the Special Counsel appointed to look into any ties, connections, collusion, and monetary exchanges between the President and anyone remotely tied to his campaign, things are going to get very interesting.  Especially since the President has now hired a personal lawyer.  And then there's the new investigation into his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who reportedly asked for a "private channel of communication" to be set up between Putin and members of the new administration, which could not be "overheard" by US listening services.  They are all idiots.
   And, finally, the unprovoked attack on a British journalist who was asking a Republican running for a US Congressional seat...  The reporter, Ben Jacobs, from The Guardian, was trying to get a comment from man about the CBO score on the Republicans new health care plan, which had been released that afternoon.  Greg Gianforte, the candidate, grabbed the reporter by the neck, threw him to the ground, straddled his body, and began punching the reporter.  He broke the reporter's glasses and injured his elbow.  The candidate was charged with misdemeanor assault, and won the election, which took place the next day.
   The venality and callousness of the Republican party, and the seemingly calm acceptance of this violence by the American public, is very disturbing to me.

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