Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oooooooo My.....

Oh my scars and freckles!  I have become a cable news junkie!  I got up early yesterday morning and took the bus to care for Pip and Squeak; then I took the bus back home.  By then, it was 8:30, and Bea and I walked the four blocks down to Turley's Kitchen and had breakfast, then walked back home.  We then sat down and made our shopping list for the rest of the month, and set out in Christina's borrowed car.  First we headed to Longmont to do shopping at both Sam's Club and the regular Wal-Mart  - then home, each of us making 6 trips upstairs loaded down with boxes and shopping bags.  We got that put away, then went to McGuckin's Hardware, the Neighborhood Market, and finally Safeway.  Got home and brought that stuff upstairs and put away.  By then it was time to go back to take care of Pip and Squeak; I used Christina's car for that second trip to see the cats.  Then home again - to eat supper and be glued to MSNBC's news and political coverage, until I checked the incoming flight schedule for Denver International, and left the house at 10:30 to go pick up Christina from the airport.  Back home and in bed at 1:30 this morning....  Then Pip and Squeak first thing this morning, again.
   I do not like the fake President, who won a fake election with the help of Russia and Putin.  I hate his guts and am afraid that, at any moment, he might start a nuclear war because he is so completely maniacal and narcissistic.  However, I must say, quite honestly, that because of hos Presidency, I now know a heck of a lot more about our government and exactly how it is supposed to work.  I have done a lot of research that I never thought about before regarding the checks and balances of our governing system, and the precise wording of the United States Constitution, its' amendments, and clauses.  Thanks to the ineptitude of this administration, I now understand our government much better than before.
    I was completely amazed by the firing of FBI Director Comey.  And now the Deputy Attorney General has stated that he is not happy that the White House attributes it's decision to fire Comey to his internal Department of Justice memo.  Apparently, the tiny-handed tangerine tyrant still believes that he is the COO and owner of the United States of America, and that this far-flung nation can be controlled by a 70-year-old fat man with orange skin and Big Bird colored hair.  He is a complete and total joke.  The United States, once a great nation, is now the laughing stock of the universe.  -  All because the Electoral College did NOT do it's job.
   And one last, laughable item -   45 fired Comey on Tuesday night.  Wednesday, he hosted the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador inside the Oval Office.  He did not allow any journalists inside for the meeting, except TASS, the Russian government newspaper.  TASS immediately shared their photos with news agencies around the world - and then the President lost his cool (not that I've ever believed he had any) and claimed that "the Russians lied to us."  What a hoot! - I mean, think about it - here he is, hosting the Russian Ambassador,privately - the man whose connections with Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions caused them to be (a) recused and/or (b) fired....  
    The stupid bigot is totally crazy.

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