Thursday, June 29, 2017

Assateague Island Scenes

A black-crowned night heron - known on Chincoteague as a "wop"

Believe it or not, Whisper of a Living Legend has already had her baby this year...
getting up from a nap

Cattle egret with a snack

Filly born to Surf Queen and Hoppy on 26 June
(The photo above and the one below were taken by DSC Photography)

Ace's Black Tie Affair - due to the mud, you can't see both hind stockings above his hocks

Assateague sunrise

A royal tern

Assateague full moon rising

(l to r) May's Grand Slam threatens 15 Friends of Freckles, while Dreamer's Gift
tries to get out of the way (which makes her look like she's falling over)

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