Thursday, June 1, 2017

This and That...

The bunnies are multiplying!  I know that's what they do, but this morning I stepped out and counted 16 baby rabbits the size of my fist playing and eating on the lawn.  They are so very cute...
   I played the mean old lady this afternoon - the birds near our feeders sounded quite agitated and were darting around as if something was wrong.  I stepped onto the balcony and spied a girl, about 8 to 10 years old, wielding a butterfly net, and trying to catch the sparrows and finches.  I said, "Excuse me," and she stopped and looked up.  I said, "Stop chasing the birds with your net.  Catch butterflies or insects with it, but stop trying to catch birds."  She was still staring into my eyes, and after a few seconds, said, "What?"  I again said, "Stop chasing the birds with your net.  If you catch one, it will die, and you will have killed something wild."  She said, "But they keep putting food in the feeders so I can play with the birds...."  I asked, "Who are 'they'?"  She said, "Whoever feeds the birds."  So I told her that I had purchased the feeders; I bought the seeds, nuts and berries; I kept the feeders full, using my personal income; and I did not do it so the girl could terrorize the birds while they were eating and trying to feed their babies.  She told me she liked to do it. I told her to buy her own feeders and keep them filled, and then she could chase the birds at her feeders all she wanted.  She kept staring at me, and finally walked away very slowly......  So I've kept checking the feeders since then.
  Forty-seven new foals on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge at last count.
  And the winners of both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes will not compete in the Belmont Stakes on 10 June.  Other horses who raced in both races will return, along with a few newcomers.
   Finally:  I have been watching in disbelief as the new Presidency has been bringing wreckage and ruin to our nation.  The man occupying the President's office was not elected by a majority of Americans - he lost by more than 3 million votes in the popular election.  Then the Electoral College failed to do it's duty and sent this joke on to the Oval Office.  After making the United States of America a laughing stock throughout the world with blunder after blunder, after being a boorish bully with NATO, after the Pope called him fat, after the Saudis praised him - after a $110 billion arms deal - and then traveling to Israel and saying that he'd just returned from the Middle East, the orange idiot has declared that the United States is "withdrawing" from the Paris Accord on Climate Change.  This person does NOT represent me in any way, shape or form.  He, and all of his administration, including his dear family, need to be impeached, tried, and incarcerated.  He totally disgusts me.

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