Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chincoteague Pony Fever 3 - Photos

These photos are of a few of the Chincoteague Pony foals
that will be auctioned at the 92nd annual Pony Penning
on Thursday, 27 July 2017.

Legacy - Splash of Freckles filly     born 31 March

Legacy Little Duckie colt      born 27 March

Riptide - Secret filly      born 15 April

Riptide - Diamond's Jewel filly     born 26 April

Prince - Ella colt     born 1 June

Riptide - Got Milk colt     born 27 April

Wild Bill - JABATTA colt        born 14 May

Ken - Cinnamon Blaze filly     born 17 May

Ace - Chickadee colt       born 27 May

Ajax - Beauty filly        born 19 May

Riptide - Starry Night filly         born 28 April

Prince - Baybe colt        born 19 April

Friday, July 21, 2017

Chincoteague Pony Fever 2 - Photos

These photos are of a few of the Chincoteague Pony foals
that will be auctioned at the 92nd annual Pony Penning
on Thursday, 27 July 2017.

Legacy - Sweetheart colt        born 13 March

Legacy - Anne Bonny filly      born 5 March

Phantom Mist - Daisy colt             born 10 July

Ace - Beach Baby filly     born 12 May

Wild Thing - Black Star colt       born 11 May

Wild Thing - Cody 2 Socks         born 9 May

Ken - Whisper colt        born 20 April

Puzzle - Duckie     born 12 May

Ajax - Dream Catcher filly       born 23 April

Ken - May's Grand Slam filly        born 23 April

Hoppy - Kachina colt         born 5 May

Wild Thing - Thetis colt    born 14 May

This & That, Here and There

I had a wonderful time yesterday, as a large flock of magpies descended upon our two bird feeders and the next door restaurant's trash dumpster.  It was very noisy because there were quite a few juvenile fledglings out with parents - and they kept following their folks around,fluttering their wings and begging to be fed.  The majority of adults just kept looking at the youngsters, trying to show them how to feed themselves, but a few gave up and fed their babies...  After ten solid minutes of importuning, you could almost see shoulders shrug above wings as some parents gave in.  Having spent 45 minutes here, there was a sudden whoosh of air as they all left together and headed for another meal station.  It was a nice experience.
    Pony Penning, the 92nd annual one, held by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, will begin tomorrow with the Round-Up of the southern herds.  Sunday the northern herds will be gathered, and, at dawn on Monday, the northern ponies will walk down the beach to the southern holding pens.  Monday and Tuesday the ponies will be evaluated by the veterinarians and any needed treatments will be given.  Older mares, like Unci, and very pregnant mares, as well as new babies and their moms will be trailered over to the Carnival Grounds on Chincoteague.  Wednesday morning, at slack tide (early in the morning this year), the ponies will swim from Assateague to Chincoteague.  After a short rest, they will parade up Main Street to the Carnival Grounds.  Thursday morning the foals will be auctioned off.  Friday the remaining ponies will swim back to Assateague.  (My mind and heart is already there.)
     The President gave a very long and very disjointed interview to The New York Times and it was released Wednesday afternoon.  He talked about how intelligent he is; stated that French President Emmanuel Macron likes to hold his hand; stated he would never have appointed Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General if he had known that Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation; stated that Special Investigator Robert Mueller had better not investigate his family's tax returns; and said that anyone would have accepted and attended the 9 June 2016 meeting to get dirt on a political opponent, no matter who was offering it.  He also stated that he was talking to Vladimir Putin at the G20 dinner for less than 15 minutes, not an hour; and that they were discussing Russian adoptions - something "close to" his "heart" - which means they were discussing sanctions, because the Russian adoption issue is tied up in the Magnitsky Act, which sets Russian sanctions.
     We knew that Senator John McCain had gone to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona for the removal of a blood clot above his left eye.  Wednesday night it was revealed that the blood clot was tied to a cancerous glioblastoma tumor in his brain.  His doctors say they think they removed most of it. Glioblastomas attack the central nervous system and grow at an alarming rate, spreading tentacles throughout brain tissue.  I wish this war hero well.    -  And I wonder if this tumor might have been partly to blame for his odd questioning of James Comey on 8 June in front of the Intelligence Committee.
      Gee - the US Treasury Department has decided that the Exxon Oil Company, while under the leadership of CEO Rex Tillerson (now the US Secretary of State), ignored US sanctions against Russia in 2014, when it entered into a joint venture with Russia's Rosneft.   The Treasury Department slapped the world's largest publicly traded oil producer with a $2 million fine for "reckless disregard" of US sanctions.  Yesterday, Exxon Mobil Corporation sued the US government, calling the fine "unlawful" and "capricious."  Please note that a $2 million fine is barely a slap on the wrist to Exxon, which declared a profit of $7.84 billion last year....
      Russia is planning war games in September in the country of Belarus.  US allies in eastern Europe and Ukraine are worried that the games may be a "Trojan Horse" aimed at leaving Russian military equipment behind for later use.  Russia has sought to reassure NATO that the military exercises will respect international limits on size, but NATO and US officials remain wary about the war games' scale and scope.
       It was also reported last night that the 45th President has been asking his law team questions regarding Presidential Pardons - for his family, his friends, and for himself.   Now, if he and his family and friends are absolutely innocent of collusion with Russian regarding the 2016 Presidential election, and if none of them have any ties with Russia, as the person keeps claiming, why is he interested in Presidential Pardons?  This idiotic Pricktator is such a buffoon!!!!     -  And I still find it frightening and sickening that he is the so-called Leader of Our Country....   May the Gods help all of us!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chincoteague Ponies - Photos

These photos are of a few of the Chincoteague Pony foals
that will be auctioned at the 92nd annual Pony Penning
a week from today, 27 July 2017.

Chief - Lady filly   born 7 April

Wild Bill - Georgia Peach filly      born 26 April

Maverick - Marguerite colt       born 16 May

Puzzle - ET colt      born 29 April

Prince - Carnival Baby filly      born 17 April

Hoppy - Isle Treasure filly       born 14 June

Prince - Shashay Lady       born 7 May

Maverick - Essie colt      born 19 May

Ace - Lorna Dune filly       born 14 June

Hoppy - Wild Island Orchid filly      born 28 April

Hoppy - Carol's Little Freedom filly      born 4 June

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Birding at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge - Photos

Little blue heron



Bald Eagle

Barn swallows


Snowy owl

Great egret

Snow geese


Black-crowned night heron

American Health Care

The Affordable Care Act, call it the ACA or ObamaCare, is an intrinsic part of the American economy.  It is, in no way, perfect.  It could be made much better, if not perfect, with tweaks and pats and new provisions in Congressional legislation.  It does not need to be repealed, which is the latest thing that the 45th President is now demanding, since the American Health Care Act that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell pushed hard for has died a-borning.
    Right now, in America, our medical costs and requirements use 1/6 of our GPD.  The GDP, or gross domestic product, is one of the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy.  It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period; you can think of it as the size of the economy.
     The 2016 American GDP was estimated at 18.46 trillion dollars.  One-sixth of that amount is roughly 1.086 trillion dollars.  Most other countries have "socialized medicine" in that everyone in that country is covered by governmental medical care that comes from taxes, and no one is turned down or turned away for treatment.  The countries that have these programs spend only 1/8 of their GDP on health care, because it's available to everyone.  If America dropped down to 1/8 of the GDP, that would roughly be 148 billion dollars.
     The current President made tons of promises throughout his campaign, but one of the things that he promised most often (other than to "make America great again") was to "repeal and replace ObamaCare" with a much better health care system that would increase coverage, reduce costs, reduce insurance premiums, and make sure that everyone had good, economical medical coverage for everything.
     The Republicans have been complaining and whining and stating they would over-throw ObamaCare since the Act was passed - after 170 amendments and almost a year of debate previous to it being approved by Congress.  Wouldn't you think that some one in the Republican Party would have been working on a really good replacement plan for the ACA during the past seven years? Tomorrow will mark 6 months since the last Presidential Inauguration; the Republicans tied their Health Care Act to their Tax Reform Bill in the House, where Paul Ryan was the main crafter of the legislation.  It was sent to the Senate, where it has been re-written by 13 male Senators, and where it has failed in two presentations.   -  Do you think that the fact that more than 24 million people will be left without any medical coverage has anything to do with this?
     Now the Putin Puppet in the White House has decided that he'll just have Congress totally repeal ObamaCare, without any replacement plan in place...  That he'll let ObamaCare die on it's own.  Of the newly failed American Health Care Act, the President said, "We're not going to own it.  I'm not going to own it."   He sure doesn't seem like a strong and powerful negotiator to me.
      With word leaking out from Congress that the new Act would die in before birth, the White House suddenly proclaimed this week a "Made In America Week."  A top Republican told CNN on Tuesday, "He was playing with a firetruck and trying on a cowboy hat as the bill was collapsing and he had no clue," on Monday.   A pundit asked if the President was trying to mimic all of the Village People in one showing...
      One thing this President has shown to all the world is that he is an inveterate liar; that he can't even keep his lies straight; that he is a complete idiot when it comes to governmental affairs; and that he still truly loves his pal Vladimir Putin.   And did you see that the Puppet had a second tete-a-tete with Putin at the G20 for more than an hour, with no one in earshot except the Russian interpreter?  Wonder what was talked about then?  No one will ever know except those three men.....

Chincoteague Pony Stallions - Photos

"Ace"     Ace's Black Tie Affair     born 1 May 2007

"Puzzle"     Archer's Gambit     born 24 April 2008
 below:  Puzzle at left,  Prince at right

"Chief"     Chief Golden Eagle      born 1 April 2008

"Hoppy"     Effie's Poppa Bear      born 9 April 2007
 below:  Hoppy with his Wild Island Orchid filly (2017)

Ken     born 14 February 2008

"Neptune"     Little Dolphin     born 14 May 2008
above: Puzzle at left;  Neptune at right
below:  Neptune at left;  Wild Thing at right

Ajax     6 April 2007

Maverick    born 2013

"Fabio"     Phantom Mist     born 1996

Rainbow Warrior    ("Napoleon" when younger)    born in the 1990s
 - Most of the 2015 fillies are staying with Rainbow Warrior -

"Riptide"     Surfer's Riptide       born 3 May 2009

"Legacy"     Tornado's Legacy       born 23 April 2007
 below:  Legacy at left;  Ajax at right

"Prince"     Tornado's Prince of Tides       born 7 April 2007
 above:  Chief at right;  Prince at left
below:  Puzzle at right;  Prince at left

"DLS"     Don Leonard Stud II      born  2013
 - until this weekend, he had the 2016 fillies, Pixie Dust and Renegade with him - 

"Beach Boy"      Saltwater Renegade      born 2015
(only true Misty of Chincoteague descendant on Assateague)

***  I, personally, really dislike the "Beach Boy" nickname appended to Saltwater Renegade - 
he is not related to any of the Beach-named ponies -
I think they should call him Renegade  ***