Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bear; Don, Jr; Wray Senate Hearing; Joe Scarborough

Well, I'm sorry to report that the black bear that tried to munch on the 19-year-old guy's head near Ward, Colorado, has been killed by the Department of Wildlife.   -  I still want to know what the guy had in, or on, his hair when the bear bit him.  Bears do not, in normal circumstances, bite or attack sleeping people.  They might attack if they feel endangered, or a sow will attack, if her cubs are threatened - but to wander into a camp and just bite a man's head?!?!?!  Never heard of before.  Did he have food in his tent?  I am very upset that this happened - and especially upset that the bear was killed.

   So the President's Junior has admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer - and having Jared Kushner, his brother-in-law, and the campaign manager, Paul Manafort - at the NYC T Tower, on my birthday in 2016.  How disgusting.  And how very stupid.  Even more egregiously idiotic was to release the string of e-mails to the public....   He thought he was healping his Dad - and was extremely happy to "get the dirt" on Hilary Clinton, his Dad's opponent.  But these e-mails state that this information is coming from Putin and the Russian government - and Junior embraces it.  That makes him a traitor.  He carbon-copied the e-mails and his responses to Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort prior to their meeting with the Russian lawyer - which makes them traitors.  All three have committed treason to our country.
   Of course, the lawyer who met with the three, and who is married to a Russian Intelligence officer, states that she only came to the US to talk about adoption sanctions - and that she has absolutely no ties to the Kremlin.  How can she claim she has no ties to the Kremlin when her husband is an Intelligence agent for them?  What a laugh!

   I tried to watch the beginning of the Christopher Wray Confirmation Hearing as the new Director of the FBI.  Unfortunately, Senator Chuck Grassley's reading of his own opening statement was so boring, long-winded, and full of incorrect reading followed by self-corrections, that I had to turn the channel off  before anyone else was able to speak, let alone ask and/or answer questions...   I'll be looking at the highlights later, since I can't stand to listen to him now.  -  I did just run out and listen to Senator Lindsey Graham's questioning of Mr. Wray.  It was good, it was probing, and it was intelligent....  Good questions, good answers.

   And, after listening to Joe Scarborough's comments for this past year, I was not surprised by his announcement that he is/has left the Republican party, and is now a registered Independent voter.  He has stated that listening to some of his former colleagues in Congress changing their words every day to go along with the 45th Administration's beliefs and ideals, has shaken his faith and his own belief in the Republican Party.  Joe, I salute you.

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