Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bits & Pieces

The apartment maintenance men "fixed" our HVAC unit on 5 July, but also informed us that the condensation drip pan was affixed at exactly the opposite slant that it should have been.  Everything worked fine until Tuesday night, 11 July - when water was dripping at a rate of 40 to 50 drips per minute.  We put a bucket down and called maintenance.  Chris came back with another assistant and completely cleaned all the drains - but it still dripped occasionally.  He had to call an HVAC company to come and re-fit the pan.  They did so yesterday morning, which was great...   They were in and out in an hour, which made the cats very happy.
   On Thursday we had an adventure planned, and we carried it out.  We left Boulder mid-morning, and drove up Magnolia Mountain to Nederland, and visited the Carousel of Happiness.  Then we took the Peak to Peak Highway down to Black Hawk, and on to Idaho Springs, where we got onto Interstate 70 West.  I hadn't been through the Eisenhower Tunnel since 1974 or 1976, and Bea had never been through it.  What was amazing to me was the next 8 miles of 7 and 8% grade downhill... it was great fun to drive that!  When we arrived at Dillon, we turned off and visited the Dillon Reservoir; and then made our way back east via route 6, winding through the ski areas and finally over Loveland Pass.  The pass itself is at 11,990 feet; the temperature was 57 degrees (F) and a stiff breeze was blowing.  There were still snow drifts clinging to the sides and tops of ridges around the pass.  It was very impressive!  The rest of the trip was rather anticlimactic, once we descended from Loveland Pass and returned east on I-70.  We followed 6 into Golden and had supper at Mimi's Cafe, having a nice chat with a new server (he had been a server for 10 days, was a  student at the Colorado School of Mines, and was also an Air Force Cadet).  Then we returned home and caught up on the daily riff-raff report.
    Weirdness is normal in Boulder - Friday was the 10th Annual Tube to Work Day, in which you get onto, or into, Boulder Creek near the Judicial Center on 6th Street, and ride in your inner tube or Rubber Duckie Ring down the stream until you exit near your place of work....  This year there were more than 1,000 participants who floated down the icy creek waters to begin their daily grinds.
    We did have one oddity - a man was walking his dog on the Boulder Creek Path, between the Judicial Center and the Public Library, on Thursday night when he heard jogging footsteps behind him.  This is normal 24 hours a day on that Path, so the man thought nothing of it.  The runner passed the dog-walker, then spun around and, the dog-walker thought, punched him in the stomach.  The runner then turned back in the direction he had been heading, and continued running.  The dog owner put his hand to his stomach, because it hurt, and walked his dog back to his car.  When he opened the car door, he found that he was bleeding - the runner had stabbed him in the stomach without saying a word.  The dog owner drove himself to the hospital and was admitted for surgery to repair the 5-inch deep stab wound.  The assailant was a white male, dressed completely in black, with a hood covering his head and neck.  The attacker is still being sought.....
   ......  So.  Who was not in the room with Donald Junior in Trump Tower on 9 June 2016?   First the list of attendees was four; then five; then six or seven; then eight.... and possibly more.  The entire Trump family and all of his campaign people, as well as all of his transition team, are guilty as hell of collusion with a national enemy, and guilty of treason against our country.  I say:  Lock 'em all up!

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