Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chincoteague Pony Stallions - Photos

"Ace"     Ace's Black Tie Affair     born 1 May 2007

"Puzzle"     Archer's Gambit     born 24 April 2008
 below:  Puzzle at left,  Prince at right

"Chief"     Chief Golden Eagle      born 1 April 2008

"Hoppy"     Effie's Poppa Bear      born 9 April 2007
 below:  Hoppy with his Wild Island Orchid filly (2017)

Ken     born 14 February 2008

"Neptune"     Little Dolphin     born 14 May 2008
above: Puzzle at left;  Neptune at right
below:  Neptune at left;  Wild Thing at right

Ajax     6 April 2007

Maverick    born 2013

"Fabio"     Phantom Mist     born 1996

Rainbow Warrior    ("Napoleon" when younger)    born in the 1990s
 - Most of the 2015 fillies are staying with Rainbow Warrior -

"Riptide"     Surfer's Riptide       born 3 May 2009

"Legacy"     Tornado's Legacy       born 23 April 2007
 below:  Legacy at left;  Ajax at right

"Prince"     Tornado's Prince of Tides       born 7 April 2007
 above:  Chief at right;  Prince at left
below:  Puzzle at right;  Prince at left

"DLS"     Don Leonard Stud II      born  2013
 - until this weekend, he had the 2016 fillies, Pixie Dust and Renegade with him - 

"Beach Boy"      Saltwater Renegade      born 2015
(only true Misty of Chincoteague descendant on Assateague)

***  I, personally, really dislike the "Beach Boy" nickname appended to Saltwater Renegade - 
he is not related to any of the Beach-named ponies -
I think they should call him Renegade  ***

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