Monday, July 10, 2017


A 19-year-old boy/man is making the news here-abouts because he says he awoke to "a crunching sound" and realized that his "head was inside the mouth of a black bear."  He was camping with a group of people at a ranch about 12 miles northwest of here.  He started yelling and punching the bear and it released him and ran off.  He definitely has bite marks on his forehead and other campers definitely saw the bear leaving the area.  But, looking at the marks, I'd say it was a yearling or two-year-old black bear, definitely not a full grown adult.  And I also want to ask the question - what did the guy have on his hair that enticed the bear to try a sample?  Bears go after food - they do not just bite someone for no reason....
    The 45th President is still changing his story about his meeting with Putin almost hourly.  And now he's saying that James Comey released top secret intelligence...  The man is so full of feces that it's a huge embarrassment to my country.
    Republican Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, who was one of the 13 GOP Senators to work behind closed doors on the ACA replacement, never showed his face to his constituents during the Congressional break.  He refused to hold any meetings, he cancelled a planned and announced appearance in a local 4th of July parade, and he never went to his office in downtown Denver.  People from Colorado, half of them with disabilities and members of ADAPT, had a sit-in at his office.  He had Denver police place a lock-down on the floor his office was on, and, as people tried to leave, they were arrested for obstruction of public property.  During the lock-down, emergency personnel were denied entry onto the floor the office was located on, and demonstrators asked what would have happened if there had been a medical emergency.  Gardner's representatives just shrugged.

    I am missing not going to Chincoteague Island this summer, having gone for the past two.  Up until I moved to Colorado in 2004, I had missed only two Pony Pennings since I was born.  Once here, I then missed 11 in a row, and then I was there again, for the 2015 and 2016 Homecoming.  Missing it this year is hard, but I plan on being there next year.  Next year, my filly will be a three-year-old, and I'll want to see her proportions and conformation again with my own eyes.  I am hoping that she will not be an "early mother" and have a baby at three; I hope that she will be able to grow to her full stature and not reproduce until she is four or five years old.
   In the meantime, I'm learning to use my new digital camera with the zoom lens, so I can once again take the photos that I want.  I'm practicing on local wildlife and things seen in Rocky Mountain National Park.
    The rhythms of the sea, the sounds of shorebirds, the baking beach sands, and the smell of marsh mud are, as always, pulling me back to the islands....

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