Saturday, July 1, 2017

Things To Do On Chincoteague With Children - Part 2

There are several great parks on Chincoteague - Memorial Park has a wonderful playground for youngsters along with picnic tables and a short trail along the Assateague Channel; Reed Park is downtown, where the old drawbridge used to be, and has covered picnic tables, the LOVE chairs, and wonderful views of Marsh Island, the causeway and new bridge, and a lot of docks; the Leonard Park, almost opposite the High School on north Main Street is great for picnicking and watching sunsets.
   * Next to Reed Park is the Chincoteague Public Library, with Tales for Tots as a weekly draw.
   * Shopping is spread out all over the island - the Historic Downtown area, where the Library and Reed Park are located, is a great way to get a feeling of Chincoteague.  The other main shopping area is along Maddox Boulevard, which is now usually called "Beach Road."
   * Visit the Chincoteague Pony Center, home of some Misty family ponies; have a pony ride; take a riding lesson.  See their website at
   *  If you're really interested in ponies, and want some great island facts thrown in, take one of the boat tours with Captain Dan's Around the Island Tours (piloted by Captain Dan or his Dad, Captain Ray.  They specialize in getting you up close to the ponies grazing freely on Assateague Island in the CNWR.  I've taken and hugely enjoyed tours with both of the Cap'ns.   see their Facebook page at:
   * There are multiple other water tours and/or you can charter a boat for fishing - see the websites
   * Take a Teaguer's Tump Tour - owner/operator Denise Bowden is a native Chincoteaguer, is a working member of the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, has worked with the Pony Penning committee and with the ponies themselves for years, and is the current Vice-Mayor of  the island.  See her website at
   * Go kayaking, paddle-boarding or canoeing.
   * Go see the Leonard family ponies in their pasture on Maddox Blvd, between the McDonald's and the Refuge Inn.  Be very careful, even though these ponies are tame, they can bite and kick without warning.
   * Visit Funland on Maddox Blvd - mini-golf, an arcade, go-karts, and tons of other fun things -

 Off the islands and on the mainland, within a 30 minute drive are:
   * Queen Hive Farm - take a trail ride, or have a riding lesson in Assawoman, Virginia.  See their website at
   * Visit the NASA Wallops Visitor Center on 175 -
   * Visit the Chincoteague Bay Field Station at Wallops Island  -
   * Visit the Delmarva Discovery Center in Pocomoke City, Maryland  -
For much more information visit the Chincoteague website at:

I really miss my old home.......     Chincoteague sand doesn't just get into your shoes, it forms sandbars in your soul.

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